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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I want to make a challenge to everyone:


Let's get ONE MILLION Fairtax Tv Show DVD distributed by Nov. 2, 2010.


Here is what I did: I recorded the Fairtax Tv Show from July 4, 2010 to my TIVO.  I then burned it to a DVD and have made more than 100 copies of the disc.  I believe the Fairtax Tv Show explains the Fairtax best.  I really like how it uses the infomercial format to sell the Fairtax to the American people.  And I really like how the Fairtax Tv Show instructs to the American people exactly what they need to do to get the Fairtax.  But I want to take it one step further.  I want to use the techniques of network marketing to distribute the DVD.


Remember how network marketing works: you tell 10 people about the product, then they tell 10 people about the product, and six levels down one million people have been told about the product.  In this case it would be the Fairtax.


There are three ways to get started.  First, make 10 copies, give them to your friends.  Ask them to do the same and follow up.  Second, have a Fairtax DVD viewing party, view the DVD, and give out copies of the disc.  Third, make 100 copies and give them out and ask that they do the same.


If you want to participate in the challenge and want a DVD please send $5.00 and I will send you a disc and any change left over.  It is not my intent to make money but to get this DVD in as many hand as possible.  Please contact me:  Scott Bankston

                                                          P. O. Box 201

                                                          Andover, OH  44003



Remember, One Million DVDs by Nov. 2 is not a lot of time.  We need to put a "sense of urgency" on the Fairtax.  If Gov. Huckabee runs in 2012, this will be our best chance to save the economy.  The Fairtax quit being about me a long time ago.  Now it's about my kids and unborn grandkids.  Its time for everyone to step up to the plate and make the Fairtax happen.


Do you accept my challenge?

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Isn't there a sales marketing axiom only a very small percentage(single digits) of attempted sales for a product are actually sold? Assuming that percentage is 5% and the goal is to "sell", for lack of a better description, one million then wouldn't 20 million people need to be told?

Under your scenario, if I'm understanding correctly, everyone told will take a DVD. It is more likely less than one in ten told one will take a DVD.
I'm not really sure but I do know this: We need to get the Fairtax Tv Show DVD out there so those that missed the original broadcast on July 4, 2010 can now view it. In real network marketing you constantly have to follow up and pester people to buy something that they may or may not want. Here we are not really asking for money we want them to view the disc and A) pass the disc to someone else or B) burn some themselves and pass them out. And if 20 million people get told along the way that will be even better.
I would like to offer an alternative...

Dan and I are both businessmen - and I think we understand mass marketing.

Take the disk to a place where it will have the best "pass-down" rate. That means your local FairTax meetings and TEA party events. The idea is to get them into the hands that will most likely pass them on.

After that, I'd say just put the disk everywhere and anywhere it can be picked up with a sign that does not say "Learn about the FairTax" but one that says "Learn about Your Economic Freedom". Dan and I both know that you don't sell the product, you sell what the product has to offer.

My 3 cents - Sean Fagan
Just make sure there is a big sign over the DVD's "FREE"


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