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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Congressman John Linder has introduced the FairTax, HR 25, into the 11th Congress with 34 cosponsors. We need 100 cosponsors. We need a plan...

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that would be the 111th.... not the 11th. ;o)

How many do we have now if everyone re-cosponsors?
In November '08, the FairTax.org Congressional Scoreboard had 82 House co-sponsors listed (including the sponsor), and 9 Senators.
The current AFFT Co-Sponsor list (not updated for 111 Congress yet) shows 72 House Members plus John Linder (Sponsor) and 4 in the Senate plus Saxby Chambliss (Sponsor). Your numbers are higher than their totals.

The 110 Congress first session started out with 24 Co-Sponsors when it was introduced. This session has 34 Co-Sponsors with one new one on 1/8/09.
It's a new year, a new President, a new congress and a new outlook. I suggest we take an escalating approach to reaching 100 co-sponsors before year's end. Maybe we should start with emails to our reps, then escalate to snail mail letters, then to phone calls, then... I dunno maybe find their cars and cover 'em in FairTax stickers... well, maybe not, but you get the idea.
My thoughts:

Keep ground we already have.

First thing we need to do is contact all the previous cosponsors who were re-elected and encourage them to re-cosponsor.

Next, contact all the people who got newly elected promising to do so and ask them to do so on day one.

What is the requirement to be a co-sponsor?
Can any congressman co sponsor?

I'm working on a local rep here in Oklahoma and want to make sure I'm pushing him to do something he actually can do.

I'm still learning the whole system and don't want to make a fool of myself and tarnish the relationship I hope to build with my state reps.

You are one of the lucky FairTaxers!

All of your OK Reps are cosponsors. only one senator is not... his name is Cole. Work on him.

Any rep or senator can cosponsor.
Cole is the one I'm working on.
I got a letter from him yesterday and it was encouraging.

Now I know he 'can' co-sponsor.....he will :)
Looks like Dan Boren (OK-2) didn't re-up his co-sponsorship.
We need to make sure he heres some noise then!
I got a response from him (Boren) on Thursday (8th) saying he has agreed to co-sponsor.
Tom Cole is all that we have left in Oklahoma now ;)

Thanks so much for the great news!



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