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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Congressman John Linder has introduced the FairTax, HR 25, into the 11th Congress with 34 cosponsors. We need 100 cosponsors. We need a plan...

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Miss Nancy, I saw some speculation on an old blog/forum thingy about the difference between the old supporters & the new. No one ended up making the comparison. If I had a printer I'd do it rat now yesterday. But as it is, I'm running out of notebook paper.

The main query was did these folks get replaced/are they stringing us along?

Along w/ the w-n-means com letter campaign, I wanted to solicite help w/ tackling the "congressional scorecard." Got the lists ready to go. Just need to post on ning.
A point I have not heard or seen in the books: under todays tax system the poor pay 22% embedded taxes every time they purchase something. This is part of my selling point as far as the poor. On our congress I think maybe alot of borderline supporters in congress are concerned first and foremost about people not spending on new goods as much as they do now. I know I am right on this one, people are going to buy stuff after the Fairtax just like they do now. Food is bought new, most people buy new clothes, cars wearout. I do think less stuff will go in our landfills, people may fix things a little more often, that will be good for our green earth. But the bottom line is people will buy new just as they always have regardless of what the price is made up of. Used item prices will remain the same percentage of the new prices as they are now. We "know" the taxes are already in there now, the only difference is we will know how much they are. Furthermore the FAIRTAX is easily adjusted up or down. Compliance maybe their 2nd concern. Now it takes only one to cheat after the FAIRTAX you have to have a partner. The major retailers will collect the majority of the tax and they absolutely will not be that partner. I know Mr. or Mrs. Congressman that you work hard to do whats right for this country and if you changed the tax system you would hire "economic experts" to design the new tax system. That is exactly what you have in the "FAIRTAX".
We often get people in out little store that say they don't like paying the sales tax. I respond that I don't like paying the sales tax either but since I have no way of knowing that they are not from the Florida Department of Revenue I'm not about to risk losing my license just to save them a few pennies on the dollar.

Sayyyyy... maybe that's what all of those future unemployed IRS folks can do - become field agents and go around checking all of the small "mom & pop" businesses like ours to make sure we're collecting the FairTax.


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