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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Wanted to share with all some things from our May meeting and some other news. We had State Rep. Jarrod Martin (70th district) in for our meeting where he talked about efforts to pass an Ohio FairTax, the possability that we may not even need it if John Kasich can figure out a way to eliminate the state income tax, and many other issues of interest to the group of 28 folks in attendence. 

I also wanted to share that we are once again having our weekly FairTax column in the Fairborn Daily Herald. If you read the paper at all may I suggest you send letters to the editor thanking them for publishing the column and asking them to keep up the good work while also declaring your support for the FairTax.

In August, our scheduled guest speaker will be State Sen. Chris Widener. And we are working on getting Congressman Austria (or his asst.) to come to a meeting sometime in the near future. I'm going to see about getting a U.S. Senator, but that is going to take some work.

One last note, a couple who were in the next dining area came over after our meeting and asked for more information about the FairTax because they heard us talking and thought it sounded good. They are planning on attending the next meeting. Thats what we need to do folks. Get out there and talk about it.

Next meeting will be June 15th at Roush's Restaurant located at 305 W. Main St. in Fairborn. Meeting runs from 6:30 to 8:00. Hope to see some of you there.  


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