Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I would like to share this PowerPoint FairTax presentation that I created with
the group because it could be useful to a speaker who has half an hour to talk.

The presentation starts with a brief warm-up and then comes to the point by
stating what the FairTax is, what it isn't, and the rate.

The "Why Change?" part follows and sets forth four tests for a successful tax
system. It shows in each case how the Income Tax falls short and how the FairTax
measures up.

It closes with a section on what to do if the audience likes what it heard.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome.


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I guess that this would be a good place to post another FairTax Presentation.

This one is not meant for use by a speaker, but rather, as a self running presentation, to attract and hold the attention of passers-by, at any political gathering or trade-show booth promoting the FairTax.

It is only ten slides and each slide contains only one short point, presented in large, easy to read print, which will get the attention of passers-by, even at a distance. About the time that they finish reading the text of one slide, another slide appears, presenting another short point. It is important to note that it is not meant to answer a lot of questions. In fact, it is actually meant to raise questions. You see, the idea is that it is much better to actually talk to a person about the FairTax, than just shove a flyer into his hand, as he passes by - a flyer that he will probably just throw away, when he gets home.

All that the presentation has to do is to raise just one question in the mind of the passer-by, so he will want to stay long enough to ask that question of the person manning the booth. Then, when he takes our flyer, he will be much more likely to read it, when he gets home and go to the web site and learn more.

I used this presentation to great effect, when manning the FairTax booth at the Texas LP convention (NO, I am NOT a Libertarian. I just manned the FairTax booth). Instead of having to try to flag down people just long enough to shove a flyer into their hands, we usually had people waiting to ask us questions, whenever we finished talking to someone else. Despite some of their other ideas, a lot of the Libertarians present seemed quite receptive to the idea of the FairTax. It made our work much easier.

The presentation is attached below. Just click on the link.

This is a good one to where you have a booth like you say.
Jim what would it take to set this up on a screen at shopping malls? This would be great if we could get this in every living room. The FAIRTAX would be a done deal.

If you're talking about using a laptop at the mall, all you need do is download the presentation to the laptop. After you've set up at the mall, just click on the presentation and it will play.
I am thinking some type of big screen. Would the mall people typically allow it? I do not know, just thinking out loud.
There are some areas that have electronic billboards. They are like very large TV screens. How about running the PPS on one of those along a major Interstate highway for about a week at at time. The comuters may only see one or two slides, but should see them all over a period of time.
Tried 2 watch yesterday, but failed. Left you a note, but it didn't go thru from the mess I made trying to watch.

Later, #2 Son says we cannot watch 'cause we don't have power point. I did want to send it around to other folks on other sites and asked for your permission. What are the chances you can copy it to another type thing like those tiny box videos?
Miss Michele,

Do a Google search for "power point viewer" - there is a free one available for download.
What are the chances that you could youtube this slide show?
I like this idea of getting this on youtube. I don't have Power Point and can't access. It frustrates me that I can't access so many things. My pc is a dinasaur (like me) and budget is a shoestring. Maybe I can try the library. I'm tech challenged but I try.
You can go to this link to get a Power Point Viewer. You do not need Power Point to use it. You need to have Windows 98 second edition or newer.

Mr. Bennett, Got to view the show. Made some notations. Musings of a blind old secretary wanting your pics to be great at-a-glance. Color font, add ,'s, that kind of thing. If you want it, give me your email privily @ kingmichele27@yahoo.com.

On the whole, the show was great. Really enjoyed the #8 slide. Great laugh!

Mr. Fagan, I am going now to get the duct tape and glue "google search" to my forehead. Thanks.


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