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This is an idea I have been toying with for awhile now. How to raise funds for media exposure for fair tax. Here is my idea. Go to local business and get them to buy a fair tax package from your local group. In exchange for about $400.00 a year they would get their business logo put on your fair tax banner that is displayed at all fair tax events and festivals done in your area. They would also get coupons put in your fair tax packages given out at these events. As far as the banner goes we could even make another Fair Tax local business supporter banner to hang under the main fair tax banner hung at these events. Small window fair tax decals could be made for the business to display in their store front windows. All these things could be supplied at a fractional cost for each business. Then after costs of supplying these few things, we buy air time at our local cable companies to run Fair Tax adds with the money raised from these efforts. That is something we really need to get the ball rolling. Think about it. All business advertise and this is a small cost to them for exposure from us and it helps raise money for our cause to be pushed where we need it, on media.

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Great idea Marc where a state or more local group has an active organization to work it.

National has a tool on their website that could help but it would take time to make it effective.

That site is a business resolution. As businesses sign it, their contact info is captured along with their industry. That information is then available to leaders in the field so you'd be able to approach businesses knowing they already know about and support the FairTax.

The site needs a little refining yet, but it is a great tool and as the data grows, it could be very effective working together with efforts such as yours. Of course, it would also be good just to be able to tell your Representative that "X" businesses in the state/district have already shown their support.

Speaking of media opportunities you can also approach your local cable provider about public access TV. Generally they will give you time for a half hour showing at no or very little costs (somewhere between $0 and $50. There are required by law to give time for coverage of communitiy interest. In some communities, they will run it several times in a month depending on programming time available. They will want some local connection so you can use the "It's Time" video and add a local tag to the end or creat your own. They usually have some production facilities available. In some communities, public access is widely watched.
This is a great idea Marc! I have had stuff printed via Vistaprint (very affordable) and they have a lot of stuff available.
Great idea Marc! Glad to see the ball rolling. We are in production on the national video program that will be available for all FairTax groups to utilize. It will be available by May 1. For more details folks, send me a message. Love the radio show too! Keep up the good work buddy.


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