Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Check out this form. It is an actual IRS form asking for suggestions about how to reduce our tax burden.

We should all fill it out with the FT and send it in. Pass them out at Tea Parties.


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Consider it done. I will fill out most it so all they have to is mail it in.

I don't wish to appear critical but I'm not sure of the value of this idea. Maybe someone can enlighten me about a positive outcome for this project? We send these to the IRS in the hope of doing what? Getting the IRS to support the Fair Tax? Need I say the IRS doesn't have a vote in Congress? I think the most likely outcome is these will end up in the trash, either before or after they reach the IRS.

If we're going to pass out anything at a Tea Party, it ought to be something that will send droves of people to AFFT and FTN.

My 2 cents


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