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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

In view of the lack of success with active "Fair Tax" supporting candidates for this Election cycle (like Bowers, & Huckabee) and the improbable success of Libertarians like Johnson;  It has become once again obvious that any real progress for adoption of the Fair Tax program must inevitably come from the STATES !!!  States like Georgia and Arizona are much farther along in their quests; and we should re-new our efforts to follow their leads !!!
Georgia Fair Tax
Simple advertising and education of the merits of Fair Tax....is of course admirable and will still be needed, but we MUST now look once again to some movement toward soliciting our own state legislators !!!
Progress in Georgia

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Huckabee only became a huge advocate when WE the Fair Tax advocates were showing up at his events and handing him Fair Tax information.  It is time to start doing the same with the candidates still in the race! Shoot maybe we need to start showing up in jail suits w/IRS ball and chains on our legs to Trump's rallies....or ALL of them for that matter!

"Cancer" will not cure "Cancer".....Politicians will not willingly cut their own throats !!! Even Trump doesn't "get it".... It will take YOUR EFFORTS.....YOUR ANGER.....START NOW !!

Since we have not tried a "united" effort to educate any of them currently still in the race I think it is too soon to state that. On behalf of FairTax supporters in WA state we sent 2 of the candidates currently left the FairTax book a CD and information on the FairTax. Next week we will be sending it to the other 3, in addition we are sending postcards almost 50 have been sent to date and w/1 tenth of the membership here on FTN 1,000 postcards could end up in their mailboxes.

I think BOTH are worthy things to be doing, but "abolishing" the IRS continues to come up on their campaign trails and they need to have the solution...we have it, they just have to hear us!

By the way, Mr. Huckabee's daughter is now helping on Mr. Trump's campaign.

See the latest group:  Postcards & Phone Calls Campaign here on FTN

In view of the current disarray of the Republican slate of candidates and the lack of any cohesive direction among the GOP.......Yes...it may be simply time to watch for any opportunities to exploit visibility of the FairTax. (i.e. Huckabee w/Trump?;  or Cruz reconsidering; or??)
  Additionally, it may be noteworthy to remind ourselves that most Libertarian candidates still support the FairTax as well.  Tax issues may not, however, become "forefront" topics now until after the Conventions.... at which time Candidates may have too much "on their plates" to consider any re-evaluation of their tax plans.??


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