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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Could she become a FairTax advocate?

FairTax is rouge to DC thinking just like she is.

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Jim, it's funny because I was thinking that same thing the other day when we were posting on the other tread. After I thought about it, I thought to myself, would we want her as a national figure even if she did? Her national popularity has seem to taken a dive at least from the bits and pieces I have picked up. I saw Ron Paul today on Larry King live. The more I hear what he has to say the more I like him.
I'm sorry, but I have little respect for Ron Paul regardless what he says. It is pretty much a "given" that Ron Paul is a Libertarian, yet he chose to run as a Republican during the last election cycle. Why? Maybe because he knew he didn't stand a chance of winning otherwise. I flat out refuse to give credit to anyone who will take advantage of our election process to advance their cause by "jumping the fence" and presenting themselves as something they are not.

My 3 cents
Ron Paul does not like the FairTax. I have seen him talk out of both sides of his mouth on this topic. Also, he has lost a lot of respect by me for the way he gets earmarks back to his district.

He serves a useful purpose in telling people that we need to end the IRS but then he offers nothing to take care of needed funding. (Except to defund everything.)
Based on what she said at a speech in Hong Kong recently, I do think her advisors are quietly looking at some of of MASSIVE tax reform to kick-start the US economy as part of her "plank" as a candidate for President.

Replacing the economically-sapping income tax system with FairTax would result in prosperity on an unprecedented scale, because in the USA, not only would we enjoy the financial benefits of being the world's largest legal tax haven, but because the USA has an easily restored industrial base we would become the world's strongest industrial power because of no more taxes on earning money.
I recommend fairtaxer's post pro-fairtax messages on sarah palin's fan page wall urging her to support the FairTax, a lot of people will see it. She has almost one million fans on her facebook fan page! http://facebook.com/sarahpalin
great idea. We could do this to every persons facebook page as most people now have one.
I don't happen to think that she is that bad. I think that the MSM attacked her and gave her a lot of bad press that was quite unfair. She comes across as genuine to me. I would not turn her support down and believe that she would bring traffic to us and thats a good thing.
I would like to see Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck assist spreading the word about the Fair Tax. Many of the 9/12 Marchers would support a Fair Tax. A large percentage of the Tea Party express are Fair Tax Supporters. I keep expecting to see the Fair Tax media push. What is the status on the media push? There are many who support the Fair Tax, but they just won't sign up online.
Unfortunately, Mr. Beck is not a FairTax supporter. We need to work on Sarah Palin.

I would like to see Hannity do more about spreading the word - he's on record as supporting the FairTax.

You can find more on the status of the media push in the "FairTax Robo call" discussion. There is an excellant post by Ken Hoagland that explains it very well.
Why isn't Glenn Beck a supporter of the Fair Tax? In his book Arguing with Idiots he wants to replace the Federal Income Tax. A large percentage of the people (including me) who watch the Glenn Beck show favor the Fair Tax. Glenn Beck supports 9/12 Marchers and Tea Parties (which includes many people who support the Fair Tax). I guess, I don't understand. The Fair Tax will do a lot of what I read in Glenn Becks book.
I remember Beck saying we needed to switch to something like the FairTax.

I was told that he got mad at Boortz for standing him up once by not appearing on his show as scheduled. Right after that, he pretty much dismissed the FairTax while he was talking to some flat tax supporters.

Boortz and Beck are radio talk show competitors.

If this is true, it shows a lot of inmaturity on Beck's part.

Like I've said before, we need to be very carefull with whom we hitch our 'FairTax Wagon'.
It is to bad Boortz and Beck are competitors. I heard that too, but I just can not believe it. I have also heard Boortz say, that sometimes he believes it would have been best for The Fair Tax if he didn't co-author the book, because of this kind of pettiness.

I for one am thankful Boortz and Linder took the bull by the horn and wrote The Fair Tax Book, which summarizes H.R.25 (with a lot more insight and more useful information about our current tax system and the difference The Fair Tax would make). If it weren't for this book, I probably would be like a lot of other people. Yea, the Fair Tax sounds good.

One thing that makes me upset with Boortz is, here we are trying to bring more congressional leaders on board to The Fair Tax, while at the same time Boortz is discouraging them. It is difficult enough that Speaker Pelosi appears to discourage her side of the House from boarding the Fair Tax. Here, The Fair Tax is non-partisan, and a win win.

I saw Glenn Beck picking on Al Gore, because he won't eat a tofu sandwich, he even brought PETA on the show to exclaim his point. Well, I would like to hear from Glenn Beck why he appears to boycott (for the lack of another word) the Fair Tax. That is a lack of Common Sense on Glenn Beck's part. I also believe that the people who just can't see the Fair Tax as a good thing are probably beholden to someone or some group, hence they are not Representative of the people.

There needs to be Communication and lay aside our differences for good legislation H.R.25.


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