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AND the NEW YORK GIANTS will never beat the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS in the 2008 Super Bowl.

And the Arizona Cardnials would "never" make it TO the Super Bowl.... and if they DID they'd get "crushed" right?

I really hate the general malaise that has overtaken the American voting psyche. We used to be a culture that prided ourselves on our power of the vote...the right to have our voices heard. Now we just go "well, they won't listen anyhow...so I am just going to stay home."

It's truly sad.
Our argument is that at one time blacks never thought they would be free men and women. Now we can even take it a step further with Obama being the president. This argument will never stand. We also use the argument that at one time women never thought they would have the right to vote. Use today's succseses in your argument and let them know that with the mentality they are displaying is the ONLY reason that Fair Tax will "never" pass.
Marc Bohemier
Myrtle Beach S.C.
Actually, FairTax more than just benefits small business owners.

Because it ends the taxation of earning money, it could have gigantic implications in the shipping business, too. For those who don't know, many cargo and passenger ships are registered in the Bahamas, Panama and Liberia because in these countries, there are no income taxes on the revenue generated by the operation of these ships. Under FairTax, the United States becomes another country with that "flag of convenience," and as such we could have many cargo and passenger ships becoming US-flagged, and that could mean an enormous increase in shipbuilding and repair business at US ports, providing many thousands of new blue-collar jobs to American workers.
I think meetings should be held for small business owners. What we are working on here is doing a small business sponsership. For about $300 a year we will put the logo and address of small business on a co sponser banner that we will display at all our festival booths and coupons for said business in a fair tax information packet given at at the booths. Through these meetings we hope to enlist at least 100 small business to enlist in our cause.
Marc Bohemier
Myrtle Beach S.C.


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