Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Every true American who loves FREEDOM should be a part of putting an end to tyranny and suppression. Did we not have trouble with England many years ago because we wanted to be free to decide our future and to be thankful to the Creator who gives freedom? We all need to help put an end to wrongful taxation on honest Americans. I will attend this rally for those who cannot make it. Notice my picture, showing a fox surrounded. This is how we all feel.

Note: This is what I posted on Saturday. I was going to go to the rally but my wife is ill with a brain tumor among other things. God knows I wanted to be at the rally but family comes first. If the current administration has it's way on health care, our way of life will further decline into Socialism. We all need to spread the word about wrongful taxation and other things that will destroy our way of life. America has always been a peaceful nation of people and now even Russia is alarmed how fast this peaceful nation has declined so quickly into Socialism without even a whimper from the sheep. The American people. Do you like "Change"?

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Did we not have trouble with England many years ago because we wanted to be free to decide our future and to be thankful to the Creator who gives freedom?

You're having trouble with England now. Trying to clone the health care system and VAT as well.
England is saying don't do it....so why are?

This coming from a Brit by the way ;)
I was at the rally....you were missed but family comes first.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the wife during this time.
Hi Tony, no offense intended. I thank you for attending the rally. You and I agree on these things. We see people everywhere who are oppressed . Thank you for your prayers on my wife's behalf.
Sorry your wife is sick. That's a hard lick for your family. Can't imagine. I would encourage you to say the appropriate prayers and concentrate on the homefront.

The article from Pravda was pretty good. Something I never thought we'd see. Yet it's here. Canada&England have heck to pay w/ their "health care"& taxes.

My neighborman, transplant from beautiful Argentina, says "we only have to last 4 years." I had been going thru all these gyrations of we are in the comode... He gave me a hope. His words spoke a great truth. We can outlast these guys. We have before us great avenues with which to educate folks. Especially the young.
Prayers for you and your wife and family. Family does indeed, come first.

Tony makes an excellent point. How many times have I listened to Stuart Varney, also a former Brit, say this very same thing on Fox?!? If folks would only take the time to do even cursory research they would find that we are headed the WRONG WAY! Thomas Jefferson spoke against " a very energetic government " and I concur. Henceforth, it is imperative that we get HR 25 enacted ASAP. It is my belief that this one gigantic step will take us a long way toward getting America back to doing business the American way.
And a gigantic step it would be. One piece of legislation, so tiny, compared to what congress usually dishes out, that would do so much for so many, the greatest piece of legislation since the "Constitution" itself. Just about every issue you here anyone speak about, the FAIRTAX either fixes completely, fixes as good as any one thing could, or helps fix.


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