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Does anyone on here have anything to do with these Tea Parties that are happening all over the country on April 15th? If so, how can I get some FairTax brochures to pass out at our courthouse that day? Here's the website I was e-mailed about these: http://taxdayteaparty.com/

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It seems that some Tea Parties actually have some Fair Tax speakers, but I don't know if that's true across the board. I've tried to find out if there would be one at the Col., Ohio Tea Party, but have not received an answer from them. I was trying to line one up if they gave me permission. However, I'll be there with a couple of other people with signs and literature.
I called the 1-800 Fair Tax.org number they sent me an email with an attachment so that I could download the the Thumbnail Sketch of the Fair Tax Plan.
Hi Pam!

Just send me an email with your mailing infomation and I will be happy to send you some brochures. I also have flyers you can download and make copies.

Marilyn Rickert
Marilyn, are these flyers listed on the .org site? the same ones that have been there all along, or something new especially designed for Tea Parties?
Jean McCrady
Turns out Columbus, Ohio Tea Party wanted a Fair Tax speaker so we got 'em one! Lots of us FairTaxers will be at these tea parties.
This 3-up front & back slim jim piece (best when printed on cover stock) is a good attention getter to introduce people to the FairTax while giving them your contact information and specific meeting details. It is in pdf format. I also have it in Publisher format which would allow for changes. Can send by request.
Jean McCrady


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