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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

In 2008, Tax freedom day - the day of the year to which every American must work JUST to pay their taxes - was April 23rd.

That's right!! 113 days of slavery to the almighty tax-n-spend machine!!!

Translated, that means that everyone in this country (who works and pays taxes) works 30.96% of the year JUST to pay taxes.

I love the idea of this "Happy Tax Freedom Day" card!


Check it out!

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This sounds like an event day possibility!
I agree! The only issue is that it will probably be very close to the April 15th events... Or we could just say "so what?" and do 2 pretty close together.
For Bikers any day above 60 degrees is a good day to be out! We just take promo materials with us!
LOL! I wear jackets until it's over 80 degrees out.
lol... after the last ride that started at 37 degrees.... 60 is heaven!
Might explain why I'm not a motorcycle rider, eh? LOL!
FYI, there is a web-based Tax Freedom Day Clock at http://actionamerica.org/taxecon/taxfrdmclk.shtml

Also, for Mac users, there is a Tax Freedom Clock dashboard widget that can be downloaded at http://actionamerica.org/taxecon/tfdaywidg.shtml

For those who might be concerned about malware on your Mac, the widget version of the Tax Freedom Clock has been checked by both Apple and Softpedia and may be downloaded from either of their web sites, as well.

For the time being, the web-based Tax Freedom Day Clock only counts down months, days and fractions of days, while the dashboard widget counts down hours, minutes and seconds, as well. At this time, ActionAmerica.org is converting the web-based Tax Freedom Day Clock to use the same code as is in the widget version, so it should soon count down to the second, as well.

Also, until the US Commerce Department, Bureau of Economic Analysis releases this year's data and the Tax Foundation calculates Tax Freedom Day for 2009, both clocks are counting down to last year's Tax Freedom Day, which was April 23. Both the online version and the widget will be updated each year, around late March or early April, when the new data is released.

Because of the changing dates, a new version of the widget will have to be downloaded annually. We are working on a version that will read the new date from a file on the net, thereby eliminating the need for annual downloads, but we are having trouble getting the widget to read the date from a file on the net. The code works in Safari, but fails in the widget. Go figure...

Anyway, thanks for your work on supporting the FairTax and I hope that you enjoy these countdown clocks.



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