Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

The 10 Week Debate is a social and political experiment. It will take place within the Facebook platform. While not a 'debate' in its true form EVERY declared candidate will have an opportunity to answer every question. Questions will be determined by the public (1 week voting period) and submitted to every candidate (1 week response period). Answers will be posted as a note. There may also be an introductory and conclusion question as directed by the admins. GOP Declared Candidates: (Without Titles) Michele Bachmann Herman Cain Newt Gingrich Jon Huntsman Gary Johnson Fred Karger Andy Martin Thad McCotter Jimmy McMillan Tom Miller Ron Paul Rick Perry Buddy Roemer Mitt Romney Rick Santorum Vern Wuensche GOP Withdrawn: (Without titles) (Will not be quetioned) Tim Pawlenty Other Candidates: Candidates from other parties may also be invited to participate.

The 10 Week Debate

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