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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

This dipper of data will quickly become invalid, but perhaps you'd like to know where we are for one month of FTN.

Since it's inception, the month of January has yeilded growth from 0-849 members; and astounding opening! We have 70 groups with 550 memberships, ( many are in several groups) and that signals that there are AT LEAST 300 members who have no group affiliation. I would urge members to at least join their main state group, since FairTax will be organizing states at an accelerated pace. Lastly, and sadly, there are gobs of members who haven't posted their photograph, or chose to post some other image. Although this isn't mandatory, it can really tell you about us. For instance, the suit & tie guy is a straight shooter or businessman, and the biker photo shows your greatest passion (outside of FairTax). I'd love to see the painter who paints "HR 25" on the wall, just before he coats in the job, or steelworker who grinds into the metal like the "Mythbusters" TV show. All this knits us together! We're patriot citizens who are standing up for our Constitution, and igniting the path of freedom for our nation; so, why hide behind a Username? It may be cute, but there's nothing to hide here! So become a "John Hancock", and stick your finger in the eye of the IRS, and say "It's TIME", you you to GO!

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Very cool post, Gary. I 2nd your sentiments!


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