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I'm new here so please forgive me if I'm touching on old news that has already been discussed and beaten to death. I've been defending the Fair Tax for a few years now, and it is becoming apparent to me that we are fighting a losing battle if we do not coordinate.

Pessimistic, maybe, but it wouldn't hurt if there was some framework that takes our efforts to the next level. I'm talking about the equivalent of a Fair Tax War Room.

Twitter, Myspace, Facebook. All those are fine and dandy, but we need a Fair Tax Central Command that coordinates Fair Tax Defenders and monitors Websites and discussion forums where it is found that the Fair Tax is discussed. Then, if whoever is defending there gets into trouble, a message can be sent out with an appropriate link to "send in the troops!"

One thing that is particularly frustrating is when I read a news article that includes an accompanying discussion forum. Whenever the Fair Tax is mentioned in one of these articles, the opponents descend like flies and bash the Fair Tax by spewing all the typical lies, deception, and math tricks. Their network is hardwired into their DNA. They operate on the Hive-Mind principle. Thats how it seems anyhow. We need to counter.

If the Fair Tax is not properly defended right then and there, the readers, maybe just a few, are influenced in the wrong direction. Then, as news articles do, the discussion disappears into the annuls of history because the news story is dated. After a day or two, hardly anyone ever revisits that article again. Just a few people at a time multiplied by 10,000 articles starts adding up however. We can't allow the misinformation to persist without presenting the truth to those readers.

We need a rapid response network to go put out these fires and monitor that thread until the news story gets old and no one is reading it anymore.

Just an idea.

Also, I'd like to invite all of you to visit my effort at Newt Gingrich's "American Solutions" website. My solution, "Fair Tax or BUST!" is geared towards uniting Conservatives under the Fair Tax banner, developing arguments and rebuttals in support of the Fair Tax, and urging Newt and the folks at American Solution to endorse, support, and strongly push for the Fair Tax. Please, if you are already not a member there, visit and sign up.


I recommend you use Internet Explorer because Firefox and Chrome are not entirely compatible with the site. Please remember to rate my solution and add to the discussion. Also, in Section 8 of my solution, I have started a "Fair Tax Honor Roll" to which you can add your name and further encourage Newt to endorse the Fair Tax.

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I love this idea!
Thank you...I've been thinking about it for a few months...probably since the elections.
This site would be a good place to organize a group under the 'groups' tab for just that. You will find folks who are willing to help by talking to others on the site. Draft them to your cause.

This is a place to make things happen and not just talk about it.

This is your idea and I like it. I hope you make it happen.
Thanks for your great ideas! I just signed up on Americans Solutions. I think it is going to take some time for me to learn how to use it.

As for rapid response we do have a leadership network that can communicate between states in fairly short order. We are always working to strengthen this communication among FairTax advocates, state organizations, and leadership in Houston.

Marilyn Rickert
Yes Marilyn, American Solutions is not very user friendly. The key is using Internet Explorer if you are going to comment or create a solution. Otherwise, your text gets all scrunched up and all the paragraph breaks are deleted. In addition, it adds "$0$0$0$0$'s" at the end of every paragraph. Using Internet Explorer fixes this, however.

Additionally, to make a comment or rate a solution, you have to scroll down to a set of tabs at the end of the Overview. The tabs are wedged between the end of the overview and the beginning of the "chapters" so they are sometimes easy to miss.

Pilgrim is correct. What needs to be organized is a small army of internet activists who blog for FairTax. They can be contacted on a moments notice to strongly 'correct' bad information being posted around on the internet. The things we have been doing up until now has not been doing that very well. Places like RedState are prime areas needing to be watched every day. FairTaxers need to learn how to play offense and quit playing defense all the time.

I hope that Pilgrim (and Shannon) get to work on this project ASAP.

I would love to have a group to call on to go defend FairTax when it is needed. The more people you have involved, the better.

Steve Moore of the WSJ has been on the Huckabee show and shown some support for the Fair Tax, if we could get a national paper to take on this project it would be a great boost for our efforts. What are the chances of getting this done. Are there any national papers that would give us a "section"?
I too am a frequesnt member of American Solutions. I have seen Pils solution. It is good. Pil and I are aboyt the only ones on American Solutions defending the FT on a regular basis. We need your help!!!!!! Please sign up-its free-and start posting FT solutions with good arguments for. The main criticism you will get is the thought that your wages will go down while prices go up. Bring your pitchforks!!!!!
I'd like to add that while we are the only regulars defending the Fair Tax at American Solution, it does have plenty of support there. It's just that the Fair Tax opponents on the site happen to be very vocal. Me and Shannon keep them in check there, and actually are on the verge of converting one of them...(I hope)
I couldn't agree more. I have informed people at this website and the Yahoo Fair Tax website more than once of the presence of many Fair Tax supporters at the conservative website FreeRepublic.com and have asked people here and Yahoo to sign up(registration is free) to counteract some of the ridiculous statements by Fair Tax naysayers. Unfortunately and inexplicably my suggestion has fallen on deaf ears. It is disappointing and frustrating more Fair Tax supporters are not united to refute these remarks. I maintain a list of Fair Tax supporters who I notify when I or someone else posts a Fair Tax related article. I often post Fair Tax information from this site and fairtax.org at FreeRepublic.

All people need to do is go to www.freerepublic.com, click on the FreeRepublic link at the top of the screen, click on the register link, follow the instruction on the register page, click on the mail link and contact me (Man50D) so I can put you on my ping list(list to be notified of Fair Tax related articles). You can click on the forum link to view different articles(aka threads). I strongly suggest once you register to visit the site on a regular basis. Not to do so will defeat the purpose of being diligent to refute the misinformation remarks at FreeRepublic. We need to address the misinformation in large numbers if we are to gain any support. Freerepublic has had more than 250,000 people register since its inception. 20,000 are viewing the website at anyone time. It is a powerful tool to spread The Fair Tax word. I sincerely I hope your excellent suggestion turns into action. There's no reason we can't start with FreeRepublic

I remember you saying something about it. Did you set up a group and look for folks who will help you with this?

Well, at least now you have three people to start your group.


There's three people and ya'll haven't even gotten started yet. Merely putting up a blurb about it and then not recruiting serious help will not work. If Marilyn and I had thought like that, FTN would not even exist.

Find people on here who think like you do and start working together. Set up the group and make it happen. Call it blogger for FairTax or something like that.
I appreciate your suggestion however I have another one that may prove as effective . The fairtax.org website permanently posts links to other Fair Tax related websites on it's home page under a section titled "Help Grow the FairTax Network" with the caption "Make a stand for the FairTax by joining and posting on these FairTax-related sites:". I suggest a similar section be created at the Fair Tax Nation home page.


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