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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

The first thing is that it already DID pass The Florida Memorial (SB-118), overwhelmingly in both houses/Legislature...that didn't happen by accident; shortly after that, Florida became the 3rd most populous state (surpassing NY).  If you recall, the legalization of marijuana did NOT pass!

The next thing is Virginia passed a similar resolution just recently!  (Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas & Ohio already are geared up for the same action!)  The ball is rolling!

We currently have over 80 co-sponsors of the 2 bills (HR-25=Ways/Means & S-155=US Senate); shamefully, Sen Rubio is NOT a co-sponsor of the bill that was so popular in his own state!  (Nor is Sen Nelson!)  Mr Rubio suffered a shameful loss in the Pres primary in Florida...go figure!

FAIRtax=non-partisan solution to expanding economy!  (Get it, or get lost!)

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