Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

The State Route with Convention for Fair Tax Passage.

I have prepared a web site with a guide and reference for using the route to Constitutional Convention through state legislatures and offer it for your reference and knowledge.
It requires 2/3 of states for approval of a convention and then the ratification requires 3/4 of the states.
I am picking up information that this route is becoming more appealing to many in the Fair Tax movement.
I also encourage the use of a coalition of organizations to have a strong base to control what is proposed.
I also encourage the project to be presented as a movement to preserve the present constitution with clarification of meaning rather than revising the constitution which might be less appealing. The repeal of the income tax and adoption of a consumption tax would be a major change but I would present it as an error in adopting an amendment that must be corrected.
Our timing is good with the changes proposed by the administration to take away some tax benefits of corporations because these savings will be passed to the consumer.
Please click on guide or go to http://saveyourconstitution.blogspot.com and thanks for your comments and suggestions.

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