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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

This site had the largest number of hits ever yesterday.

And several of us thought it was going slow...

We are still an unknown but we are beginning to get noticed by regular folks.

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It may grow more tomorrow after a presentation of The Fair Tax Act at a high school in Connecticut. The auditorium seats 650 people and been advertised extensively including the Hartford Courant newspaper, via emails to politicians, fliers passed out to approximately 150 businesses and at the tea party rally in Hartford(5,000 people) yesterday including bikers!
Take the FTN petition and get folks signed up! WE will go over 2700 today because I have a pile of sign up sheets. Jamie signed up a bunch from WA as well. We have a good tool here and I hope folks will start using it effectively.

This is the largest number of FairTax supporters from Memphis I have ever seen and now I know who they are. I can now start working with them all because of the FTN sign up sheet.
Awesome! More to come!
We need to print FairTax Nation business cards with the website address on them to pass out at the Fourth of July or Memorial Day Tea Parties.

Also: there are groups planning a March on Washington D.C. for September or the 4th of July -- The American Family Association is involved, and there is also a big gathering of Christian Conservatives in Sept. at the Capitol in D.C.

Someone needs to represent FairTax Nation there with literature, red postcards, and Navy Blue business cards with White Lettering with www.FairTaxNation.com on them.

When you have 7,000 people gathered or 20,000 like Sean Hannity, Gov. Mike Huckabee & Neal Boortz's tea party in Atlanta, people need the website address with a written encouragement to SIGN UP AT WWW.FAIRTAXNATION.COM!

Everyone in the crowd loved Barbara Wilson's postcard and were grabbing for them after Kate Burch mentioned them in her FairTax Speech at the Dayton Tea Party on April 15.

The back of Barbara's postcard said: "YOU WORK FOR THE TAXPAYER OR YOU'RE FIRED!!" -- Tea Party '09

The front of the postcard read: "YOU'RE FIRED! Read Between the LInes... The Tea Party Represents Votes!"

Great job, Barbara!
Write to your representatives, tell them Fairtax supporters vote and Vote only for representatives who support Fairtax. Pass it on. IE: Mike Huckabee for president.
Also tell them,
IN MY OPINION! Representatives who do not support Fairtax either do not have enough / correct information or are somehow (illegally) receiving benefit from the current tax system. Is there another reason not to support Fairtax?
We need Fairtax, Here's what's happening in Washington


FT meeting in OKC on Tuesday....not sure how many will join but FTN is on the agenda on 'how to help'
Awesome increase in membership since the Tea Parties.
I couldn't find much about the Tea Parties here in London. If it were not for Fox News I would have not known anything about it. My believe is that we need a consumption tax. He who covets the most, pays the most.

That would cut alot of government red tape. The government needs to get out of the way and let free enterprize work.
I'm thrilled to see new FTN members arriving! Seems like we just grew quite a bit in the last 24 hours. Lots of new members from KY. This is powerful.


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