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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Frank Gilbert of the Fairborn FairTax group and my letters are featured one after the other in the opinion section of the Dayton Daily News! GO FAIRTAX!!!


Good job FRANK!





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And "Good Job" to you as well Pati!

Thanks for sharing this info with us!
This will crack you up, Sean. I didn't know the paper had published it until my phone rang and the man on the other end asked to speak with Patricia Way. I said that was me and he introduced himself and said he had used the internet to find my PHONE NUMBER! He had read my article he said, and he wanted to call me and thank me for putting it in the paper! We talked for over an hour. LOL I tried to encourage him to come on here to fairtaxnation as he is no longer in a position of health to get out to the meetings all of the time. Anyway, had he not called me, I would not have know it made the paper. LOL

Hey Pati - that is pretty wild!

I hope you're not going to tell me that you have an UNLISTED number! ;)
No. I quit paying for unlisted when the phone company started to also collect money from others to provide them with caller ID. It may be legal; I don't think it's ethical for them to take money from both ends on that.
Good job, Frank and Pati!
Thanks Barb! It's always good to make a good impression on the 'boss'. haha Just kiddin'...

Congratulations on having a choice of FairTax supporters to chose from. I wish all congressional districts could be so lucky.
I wish more people would press their candidates desiring office on the issue of tax plans. I think we could really MAKE it THE issue this round if we had the infrastructure/megaphone etc to FORCE the issue with a national debate or some such on the subject. We'll have to suffice trying to do it from the grassroots and local level elections process. But..if we don't persist and demand it, they will NEVER give us back our power, right? LOL Keep the faith. We'll get it done.



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