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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

We need a new name for what we were refering to as Storm The Hill, April 15, 2010

It seems to concern some that the name may get us put in gitmo! ;o)
OK, anyone have any ideas?

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Speaker Pelosi's favorite four words are job job jobs jobs, her four words are lost in the thousands of pages of her legislation.

The Fair Tax, if given a fair chance could create jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs with only 133 pages of legislation.

Which is better Speaker Pelosi way or Fair Tax way?
Maybe a big banner that says "FairTax Creates JOBS!"

Hmmm... I don't know...

"Give Me Liberty,
Give Me FairTax"

"End Tyranny, Kill the IRS!"

See! It always sound like I'm wanting to overthrow the Government!
What do we want to say to the DC Beltway types?

Americans have asked "Can You Hear Us NOW?"

Everything I come up with sound like a rebellion.

Don't ask me why.
You have got to be kidding me? Aaaahhhhh the age of politically correct. Hmmmm if 500 plus of us are walking through the halls of DC, wouldn't that seem like a storm? To say nothing if there are 5,000+, but okay lets see how we can "rename" this movement...HEY...RENAME IT...that is exactly how they play in DC...if people around you don't like what you call it "RENAME IT"!

To me we need to make it "obvious" what we are going to be doing..."Storm the Hill" is sooooo much more appropriate because we can storm the hill in DC, at home by phone or in front of the local offices within the states, but how is this:
FAIRTAX "Awareness" at the HILL/ April 15, 2010
FAIRTAX at the HILL/ April 15, 2010
(hill referring to DC, but can also come from the phone, outside local offices.)

Giving FairTax a Voice---Can you hear us now?

FairTax...jobs, jobs, jobs...

FairTax or Pink Slip?
How about
American Prosperty The FairTAX
"Dump The Code"
Great Slogans, but they don't tell someone that FairTaxNation is "DOING" something and when...

FairTaxNation giving FairTax a Voice on the Hill, April 15, 2010

Giving FairTax a voice on the Hill!!!

Those same people probably think the Fair Tax qualifies us for Gitmo. I wouldn't worry about trying to be politically correct. That just plays into their thinking. Keep the name.
Ok, I'm going to throw my hat into this ring - but I first want to go on record as supporting the comments made by Jamie and Dan - let's not get bogged down by political correctness - if "Storm the Hill" was good enough on 9/11, then it is good enough for 4/15.

Unfortunately, this venue does not allow for nifty formatting, so you all will just have to use your imagination... How about?....

April 15th, 2010 - FairTax Day
A FairTax "TEA" Party!
FairTax Nation goes back to the Hill!
I agree with your view of the PC thing but, in this instance, I choose not to pick this as a battle to wage.

(Especially after the arrests made yesterday in DC.)

So I will conede on this issue to those who are slightly more PC minded.

How is this?

FairTaxNation "TEA" Party
April 15, 2010
Ummm - I think I missed something, what arrests were made in DC? Does this refer to the priest that burned his portion of a page from the house bill on health care?

Who has been offended by "Storm The Hill"? I didn't hear any great outcry by anyone since 4/15/09. The only people who would claim it is offensive are those seeking to stifle dissent and free speech.


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