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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

We need a new name for what we were refering to as Storm The Hill, April 15, 2010

It seems to concern some that the name may get us put in gitmo! ;o)
OK, anyone have any ideas?

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I'm beginning to see that.

I had a meeting this weekend with some more FairTaxers from all over TN who met up in Nashville. They want it to remain the same as well.
Well I'm thinking this is going too PC.

If people are upset about 'Storm the Hill' then they need to suck it up and understand why we wish to storm the hill. Our government is no longer our government!!

I say 'Tax Revolt 2010' because that's pretty much what it is.

Bill O'Reilly who takes a lot to get riled up said last night he see's a tax revolt coming before the President's first term is up.....and he's right!!

Whatever it's called it needs to be called what it is, not what we want people not to get upset over.

If storming the bill get's me put in Gitmo...so be it!!
I'm not going to sit back and simply take what is coming.


What are we going to "Storm The Hill 2010" with?

That is one of the reasons I was thinking "The Fair Tax Could bring Jobs and More Jobs"
It just seem to me we need a loud message selling The Fair Tax.
I just hope April 15th is not too late!

We will "Storm the Hill 2010" with our numbers, however many that might be.

I agree we need a loud message - "Storm the Hill" is not only loud, it screams.

Your suggestion would be a great topic for a speaker at the event, would you care to deliver it?

You caught me off guard. That is a real nice offer. I will seriously consider it. I will have 2 1/2 years of Toastmasters experience by then (15 April).

Did you see what I said about waiting until 15 April could be too late?
What do you think of the discussion I started about the Senate Budget Committee Hearing? They are urgently looking for a fix, but its not stopping their spending.

I'm doing Toast Masters now. Just started...

Welcome aboard. You will see Toastmasters is all about ecouragement while working through your projects and the roles. Wish the best with your Toastmasters endeavors. One of your speeches could be about The Fair Tax.


I wasn't ignoring you, it just took me a little time to get around to watching that C-Span video about the Senate Budget Committee hearing.

First, regardless whether the April 15th date is "too late" or not, it is the most appropriate date for the "Storm the Hill" event. Besides, we will need the time to plan for the event and raise funds. In addition, the weather will be a lot more accommodating in April.

I found the C-Span video interesting; if I understood correctly, this was a hearing to promote support for passage of legislation introduced in Congress called "Save America's Future Economy (SAFE)" - the Senate version is S.1056, I failed to take note of the House bill number. The legislation, if passed, will form a commission that will not only make recommendations about the federal deficit and national debt, but also introduce legislation as well that could only get an up or down vote and could not be amended. I think this is a good idea but I also think it's going to be a while before anything passes. If anything is going to be too late, it will be the passage of this bill.

Meanwhile, I think our focus should be that we have input into the selection process for the members of the commission. Let's make sure there are at least a couple of FairTax supporters on the commission so it will truly be as bipartisan as they say they want it to be.

Thanks for taking the time to view the Senate Budget Committee Meeting concerning fixing the National Debt (which can be viewed on C-Span website, a 2 hr 45 min video).
Thanks for pointing out it is tied to a bill. I did not realize that. I thought it was an assignment to find all the ways to get out of the current situation our government is in, concerning our 12 Trillion Dollar debt. All I heard were members and guests discussing all the options of attacking the debt, including over hauling the current tax system.

It would be great if there could be a couple of Fair Tax representatives sitting at the table in these discussions. There are none in or around the Committee room so far.

I totally agree on 15 April, we just need to be aware of the fast track surroundings and legislation that puts a lot of dependency on the current tax system (Tax credits, High income earners paying for proposed health care bill by the taxes they would be expected to pay).
It looks like we have people running with the "Storm The Hill" idea already on printed materials here in TN. So it does not look like it will be a good idea to change the title.

Besides, everyone already knows that FairTaxers are nonagressive.


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