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What are you doing to reach out to young people in your state or community???

Most the organizations we are involved with are reaching out to our young adults, but I have not seen a lot of evidence of this within Fair Tax.  If we have an outreach, not much is said about it. What are we doing as Fair Taxers to reach out for young supporters? This film trailer gives a glimpse of bridging the generation gap and the positive effect on young and old citizens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYO9hwQIbQY 

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We along with Evelyn Blanco of Victor Valley College intend to launch an all out college recruiting campaign in California starting here and now.  It is our intent to make this effort a number one priority in the area of recruiting volunteer workers. We are very pleased and excited to have Evelyn join us in this effort.

I'm taking my mission nationwide by hitting all the social networking hubs on the internet. I wrote an article for Diplomunion a while back on the FairTax. The kids there loved it.



That is marvelous!  What we need to do is start listing all the people in college or perhaps under 30 that we recruit to Fair Tax not only as online supporters but activist that will go out and recruit other young people and older people as well.  Boots on the ground so to speak.  Maybe you can do a poll of how many people we have under age 25 or 30 for example. We can win this numbers game if we are disciplined and take it seriously.  Thanks for all that you bring to the table.

Thanks John! I will definitely look into the polls. I think that is a great idea and can provide us with a great deal of information about our members.

A number of months back we did a show on Fair Tax Time about Energy and Taxation.  One of our guests, and a friend of mine was Dr. Veronica Gold, State Leader of Pickens Plan Ohio.  She as well as a number of us Pickens Plan State Leaders are also strong Fair Tax Supporters.  Sam Fleet of Georgia is a Pickens Plan State Leader and also a Fair Taxer for example.  Veronica was one of the many Pickens Army and Fair Tax Supporters around the country.  Last Tuesday, we lost Veronica at age 64.  She will be missed.


I'm so sorry to hear that. And she was so young too. My condolences go out to her family and friends.

Tonight, Wednesday, March 28 we expected to have our newest youth member, Evelyn Blanco of Victor Valley College call in and share some of her thoughts.  We are so pleased having her and other young people join the Fair Tax Effort.

Great Show John. I wish there were enough time for me to have gotten my questions in there.

Robert, I am so sorry, we had a lot of lines lit up and it was hard to get everyone on. I opened all the lines and did not hear you. Call in next Wednesday and we will be sure to get you on.  Please be sure to give me the number you will be calling from so I can I.D. on the switchboard. We all sent you kudos for the great job you are doing on the website...thanks.  Last night I had the pleasure of bringing 3 Victor Valley College Students with me to the 8th CA Congressional Debates. They will also be at tonight's debates in Victorville, CA.  Let me tell you, these are sharp young adults! We can be proud of these young Fairtaxers.  We are busy formulating plans for the California College effort!

No worries my friend. I completely understand. It really didn't help that I accidentally hit the 1 in the middle of the show and probably got pushed to the end of the queue when I rejoined the list.

Is there any way we can get on the line 5, 10, maybe 15 minutes before the show starts (offline, of course) to B.S about the FairTax and maybe even brainstorm about what we are or can do to promote the FairTax? Maybe an invitation only type of deal, you, me, Bill, Dave, Marilyn, and whoever else. Call me sometime over the weekend if you have a few moments.

We can do it Wednesday.


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