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Hello everyone, I recently created TaxItFairly.com and would appreciate people checking it out. Basically the idea is that if you make purchases from shops that are listed on the site we will donate a portion of your purchases to either FairTaxNation.com or FairTax.org or otherwise spread the word about the FairTax (I'm thinking about buying copies of the FairTax book and placing them in doctor's offices or something like that).

I would appreciate some feedback on it and would like to know if you would actually use it.

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I think its a great idea and builds off the idea of the toolbar that also allows people to buy online and support the FairTax at the same time.

The key is to get the website name into the hands of FairTax supporters.
We have over 800,000 people listed on FairTax.org yet less than 10,000 people have downloaded the toolbar.

I don't really purchase online too much, but when I do any searching I make sure I use the toolbar search feature. It takes getting used to to remind yourself to do it....but after a while it becomes second

The key I think as always is education. Letting people know, contacting Houston and getting them to add it to an e-mail blast (if not done already)

Huh, I haven't heard of that toolbar... Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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