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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Go to Wag The Dog 2010 watch the short videos. There are some positive steps we can take now to make some party changes. This is stuff I'd never heard before. He explains how to take Washington back by taking the parties (Democrat and Republican).

The tea parties make a statement, we educate by setting up booths, hold rallies and make appearances on radio shows but we still feel we need to do more. Watch the videos (2 or 3 times if you have to) and take action now.

Dave Sibole

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Thanks for posting this Dave - I will give it some serious thought.
I am orgaizing another Tea party in Salisbury, maryland and am trying to ger FairTax supporters out with their signs as well.

I will be on www.blogtalkradio.com/patriostheartnetwrok tonight from 10-Midnight eastern Time tonight and will be mentioning the FairTax
Good job, Chris! Somehow, here in Ohio, I'd love communicate to the many Fair Tax supporters to get to these Tea Parties with their signs held high. And I don't mean just the people actively involved in AFFT, I mean all those "closet" Fair Taxers I met at the Tax Day Tea Party. I'd say at least half of those present in Col., OH, were Fair Tax supporters! Some just don't think the Fair Tax can ever happen, even though they want it. Thankfully, I can put up a pretty convincing argument to the contrary and I did so. When you see that spark of hope in someone's eyes, you know you've made significant progress toward ridding them of that self fulfilling defeatist attitude.
Thanks Mr. Sibole, watched the videos earlier. The guy wants to raise about a $120K. Yikes! He is absolutely right about getting after the locals.

Mr. Hoagland is either already doing this or gearing up to get more groups to go to their locals. Mr. Jim Tomasik was talking about this on the radio the other day. Crud, seems like somewhere on this site he posted something, but can't find. While this will still cost a lot of $ in gas & time, I think it's a little more feasable to get behind Mr. Hoagland right now.

Oh 'eck! Almost missed ya there buddy! Lookin' forward to hearin' ya over the airwaves.
Oh 'eck! Misse ya there buddy! Lookin' forward to hearin' ya over the airwaves.


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