Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

You can make a difference and you will be heard in Washington!

We need to direct our leaders, after all they are our employees. We get the government we deserve. Don't like it? Work on changing it! If we really want to restore our nation just voting is not enough we also have to stand up and speak out. Those people we elect as our representative employees need to be directed by us their bosses. There is an effective and easy way to do it by going to Pop Vox.com

Get your message in the language of congress; 1) Find a bill you care about; 2) Choose to support or oppose it; 3) Share your opinion with congress and the world. It is free and easy! I urge all my friends to go here and get their statements on the record.

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Thanks for sharing John and NOW is the perfect time with primaries underway and the General Election in less than 6 months.  Here on FTN our passion is the FAIRTAX and NOW is the time to get candidate after candidate after candidate ON BOARD which will in turn EDUCATE those who are looking to see who they want to support!


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