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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

John Martin District Director
Glendale, CA (CA-29)
Work: (818) 551-6444
Home: (818) 551-6434
Email: jcm@listermartin.com
email sent

Curtis Coleman District Director
Scotts Valley, CA (CA-14)
Work: (831) 439-7194
Email: CurtCole@GMail.com
email sent

William Spillane State Director
Manhattan Beach, CA (CA-36)
Home: (310) 939-9895
Email: billspillane@yahoo.com email sent

William Mitchell Community Coordinator
Weaverville, CA
Home: (530) 623-3414

Randy Loftin District Director
Sonoma, CA (CA-01)
Work: (707) 935-1809
Email: RandyL707@sbcglobal.net email sent

John Hoover Community Coordinator
Woodland, CA (CA-01)
Home: (530) 666-4354
Email: jahver1@earthlink.net email sent

Mike Wacker District Director
Chico, CA (CA-02)
Work: (530) 891-6828
Email: mike@mikewacker.com email sent

Michael Alvarez Local Contact
Rocklin, CA (CA-04)
Email: michael.alvarez@sbcglobal.net email sent BOUNCED

Charles Fetters Community Coordinator
Richmond, CA (CA-07)
Home: (510) 234-9179
Email: cfetters@acn.net email sent

Jeffrey Gilmore Community Coordinator
San Francisco, CA (CA-08)
Email: buccjeff@comcast.net email sent

Steven Puma Community Coordinator
Concord, CA (CA-10)
Home: (925) 915-1282
Email: ccfairtax@gmail.com email sent

Robert Whitaker Community Coordinator
Manteca, CA (CA-11)
Home: (209) 239-7837
Email: TaxMiniMiser@comcast.net email sent

Rebecca Roberts Community Coordinator
San Francisco, CA (CA-12)
Home: (415) 282-8385
Email: rebeccajr2003@yahoo.com email sent

Roger Sherman Community Coordinator
Sunnyvale, CA (CA-14)
Home: (408) 739-2777
Email: rksherm@iglide.net email sent BOUNCED

Russell Nicholson Community Coordinator
Aptos, CA (CA-17)
Home: (831) 662-0896
Email: rrn@ix.netcom.com email sent

Michael Wagoner Community Coordinator
Turlock, CA (CA-19)
Home: (209) 581-1752
Email: radbadauthor@yahoo.com email sent

Marshall Holloway District Director
Ridgecrest, CA (CA-22)
Work: (760) 375-3689
Home: (760) 499-5003
Email: MHOLLO5177@AOL.COM email sent

Richard Riggins Community Coordinator
Pismo Beach, CA (CA-23)
Home: (805) 773-2399
Email: rsriggins@sbcglobal.net email sent

Garret Swayne District Director
Canoga Park, CA (CA-27)
Work: (818) 340-1249
Email: garret@garretswayne.com email sent

Robert Truxal Community Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA (CA-35)
Email: ratruxal@hotmail.com email sent

A. Lehrer Local Contact
Orange, CA (CA-40)
Home: (714) 639-1149
Email: jerrylehrer@sbcglobal.net email sent

Stephen Shore Community Coordinator
Palm Desert, CA (CA-45)
Home: (760) 360-0889
Email: sbslaw2@verizon.net email sent BOUNCED

William Prouty Community Coordinator
Sun City, CA (CA-49)
Work: (951) 301-0605
Email: wprouty@aol.com email sent

Susan Leclercq Community Coordinator
San Diego, CA (CA-50)
Home: (858) 780-2737
Email: worldarena@peoplepc.com email sent

Gregory Bell Community Coordinator
San Diego, CA (CA-52)
Email: hebegb41@yahoo.com email sent

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Replies to This Discussion

Robert, this list is very outdated.  Go to Jim@fairtax4ca.org for a more updated version.

I understand. I believe I have 50 outdated lists on here. Would it be possible for you to shoot him an email asking him to provide us with an updated list?


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