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I desire to run for the District 5 House Seat for SC, currently held by the liberal Democrat John Spratt.

I require volunteers to assist in the effort: Campaign Manager, Finance Director, Advertising/Internet Coordinator, volunteers.

This is an opportunity for you to get involved at the beginning of a grassroots effort to unseat an incumbent by assisting someone who has absolutely no ties to any party or lobby group.

Contact me at: logitga@yahoo.com.

There are lots of folks willing to assist but few to do the actual "running". I have the time, heartfelt interest and ability to run ... I need your assistance to get it done.

Will you help ?


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Why not just Join GOOOH and save your money. Put your hat in the ring with the rest of your district and get involved with GOOOH. You can still run for congress, but it wont cost you anything. and you wont be indebted to contributers just the people who elected you!!!

Google GOOOH
The election is one year away (less one month). Need to start now.

Suggestions ?
We are started now. GOOOH does not support an individual for congress it is a process for electing a true representative out of your districts pool of people. Where will you get the funds to mount a campaign? from special interests, lobbyists? are you independently wealthy? If not you, are spinning your wheels, if so i am opposed to your election, and will oppose you! as will every other member of the GOOOH movement. I am not saying you are not a valid candidate or an honest man, but if you get eleceted by taking money from special interests, then your first priority will be to them and not your district. It is that status Quo election system GOOOH is opposed to. thats what we are here to change, the election system!
In Nov 2010 GOOOH is going to replace all 435 members of the house of representatives with working class Americans. If you want to be one of those 435 new members of congress the only way to get there is thru GOOOH get involved in GOOOH or you wont have a chance at being elected!
Jim, I agree with Vincent; join GOOOH. Unless you plan to make politics your career GOOOH is for you. It offers everyday Americans their only real opportunity to serve in the House. It is not too late. Get in and get busy.

I don't know GOOOH's current strength in SC but do know, because I have friends there, that in NC GOOOH is very big. We are growing nationwide and at an accelerating pace. Watch Tim Cox, GOOOG founder, Wed.Dec. 16 on the WGN-TV noon news/talk show. Dish Network, Direct TV and most cable systems carry WGN-TV. My wife has already set our Dish DVR to record the show.
Why don't you just use the GOOOH selection process? Then you don't need volunteers, fund-raisers, campaign managers, etc.


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