Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

At the request of our friends at TPP we have started the first single issue Fair Tax Chapter in the US.  It will be our main job to keep information flowing to the 1.4 million TPP Membership about HR25/S122, Fair Tax. Most of our members  have been working with Tea Party Events since 2009 and are non partisan Tea Party Activists.  It is our goal to create awareness and encourage engagement in our community, state and nation.  We consider it an honor and privilege to serve in this capacity and will do our utmost to encourage support of this issue in a non partisan manner.  Additionally the group will also be participating in activities such as election integrity, our college community crusade, and other activities that benefit the community.  It is our feeling that as HR 25/S122 Supporters that we are Americans first and none of us are one dimensional.  We represent a wide cross section of America, such as Veterans, Oath Keepers, Educators, Mom's, Dad's, Young People, Senior Citizens, etc. and we are here to serve.

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