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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Published Friday, July 24, Tri-City Herald
Taxes are theft (paper's title)
Why are we OK with legalized stealing? I'm sick and tired of hearing about people getting more money back on a tax return than was collected from them! Hello! The government didn't earn that money to give extra, it was taken from someone who got very little to nothing back from all they paid in. That, Americans, is our government's legalized form of stealing.
The money "above" the amount you had withheld was taken from another hardworking American citizen and given to you because of the 67,000 pages of tax code that manipulate us each year. It manipulates us because we do certain things to get tax credits, are penalized when we can't or don't do those things, which means we don't get a tax credit.
We the people have legislation that'll stop this direct syphoning of our paychecks. The FairTax! To learn more go to www.fairtaxnation.com. Stop being manipulated and see your paycheck increase when FICA, Medicare, Federal Withholding is put back into every paycheck on every payday. Go add those up see how much your paycheck will increase under the FairTax, I did! Now that is true stimulus!

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