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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I hear lots of Public Radio on SIRIUS during the day and always comment when there is a story that I can use to insert a plug for the FT.  Follow this discussion for email updates to stories you can join me in commenting on.  I'll post the relevant information and links as new stories pop up.  Thanks.

EDIT: If you submit an especially interesting comment they may want you to read it for them for transmission on-air.  We reach even more people that way.

(BTW, if you have any alerts to different programs put them up here.  I'll join you.!)

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Synopsis: Marketplace story on how the IRS should get tough on waiters and waitresses because of non compliance with reporting requirements on individual income taxes.

FT relevance: Tax simplicity, Tax evasion, Tax fairness.

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Synopsis: On point story about whether state run capitalism ala China is becoming the norm and if America is on "the downhill slide"

FT relevance: American expansion under FT, Job growth in America due to Fair Tax, True capitalism.

Other: No sign in required to comment, just supply a name and an email.

Synopsis: 'Talk of the Nation' story on how state budgets have been hit by the recession.

FT relevance: Tax collection synergies, Luring businesses into the state.

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