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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

After a couple of tries we now have a group site that we can organize around.

Goal #1 is to invite other SoCal FairTax enthusiasts to join this community.

Goal #2 is to brainstorm ideas with like-minded organize some local events and further raise awareness of this community.

Goal #3 is to build leadership in various locations within Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, etc.), raise more awareness, and make it clear to our representatives that whoever supports the FairTax will get our vote.

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> Hi, Art, I can't do much as far as meetups and such but I am definitely a supporter. I try to send FairTax.org some money every month or 2 but had gotten into the campaigns for some of the supporters also. Now I'm back to sending to Huckpac and FairTax only. I talk with Bill Spillane now and then and in the last conversation with him he indicated that the SOCAL group needed to set up a bank account etc. to get fund raising going. So I'll help with that where I can. Let me know whatever you are doing, I'm working on a few other ways to get support but always like to here new ideas. Cary
Hi Cary. Thanks for your support of the FairTax and of SoCalFairTax!

We are still in organizing mode. The best thing that folks can do at this point is steer people over to www.socalfairtax.org (this site) and have them join. We can strategize and give the effort more shape as we recruit new members.


Hi Art:

I just joined. I had heard of the Fair Tax in the past, but had never really looked into it seriously. Given the events that have transpired the last 6 months in both the country and the state, I am angry and motivated to do something about it. It is time for the citizens to take their government back. Fair Tax is a great place to start.
I live in Phelan which is in the High Desert near Wrightwood. I am starting a restaurant and am fairly busy, but am available for meetings and could be a point person for organizing in the HD area. I will send everyone I know to the website to join. Please let me know what I can do to help.

Hi J.O.

I agree about piggy-backing on the Tea Party Movement... I became part of a steering committee for the South Bay Tea Party - North of Long Beach, South of Santa Monica and I am really impressed with the folks there. If we can spread the good word about the FairTax within the greater Tea Party Movement I think that may be best.

The Tea Party movement is for:
1. Limited Government
2. Spending Control
3. Tax Reform

Thanks for your enthusiasm!



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