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Latest Activity: Oct 28, 2015

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List of members with twitters:
Denna Ammar http://twitter.com/deannaammar
Scott Babcock http://twitter.com/bsbabcock
Everett Bennett, Jr. http://twitter.com/luke2261
Rick Berrya http://twitter.com/MentorRick
Rose Bogaert http://twitter.com/wctaxpayer
Vic Bronkhorst http://twitter.com/vicbronkhorstr
Richard Bulow http://twitter.com/@RickBulow1974
Keith Burke http://twitter.com/kaburke1
Trevor Carah http://twitter.com/tcarah
Will Chagnon http://twitter.com/shagtn
Deborah Carlock http://twitter.com/FloridaKitten
Linda Christian http://twitter.com/Elle4Truth
Joshua Clinard http://twitter.com/echopulse
Grace Collins http://twitter.com/gracecollins10
Jerry Corbin http://twitter.com/JDCorbin50
Tim Couch http://twitter.com/TimCouch
John Dennis http://twitter.com/kidneypa
Deidre East http://twitter.com/deidreeast
John Eck Sr http://twitter.com/john_eck_sr
Randy Fischer http://twitter.com/trialkat private acct
Sheridan Folger (MadIrishMan) http://twitter.com/sheridanfolger
Kelley Frederick (ALFairTax) http://twitter.com/alfairtax
James Gentes http://twitter.com/jgentes
Richard Giambruno http://twitter.com/gator871
George Gray http://twitter.com/FairtaxGeorge
Van Guard http://twitter.com/van1776
Laurie Hamilton http://twitter.com/vitalfinds
Nicholas Hanlon http://twitter.com/NHanlon
Brian Hespe http://twitter.com/BrianHespe
Diana Higgins http://twitter.com/higgysbaby
Danny Higgins http://twitter.com/higgybaby
Gregory Hill II http://twitter.com/@navycop10
Sharon Husereau http://twitter.com/misscdga
Darlene Hyjek http://twitter.com/MsScheherazade
Jessie http://twitter.com/jessiejo
Oliver W Johnson: http://twitter.com/mroliverw
Kate (TheOlBroad) http://twitter.com/theolbroad
Jim Kay http://twitter.com/jimjanradio
Dennis Keller http://twitter.com/DennisSumV
Larry Killion http://twitter.com/tacwash
Leslie Kirk http://twitter.com/soapboxleslie
Tim Kozlowski http://twitter.com/timkozlowski
Luke Kenworthy http://twitter.com/lakenworthy
Rebekah Lewis http://twitter.com/rebekahjlewis
NC Liberty http://twitter.com/NCLiberty1
Beverly Martin http://twitter.com/Bev4FairTax and http://twitter.com/FairTaxBev
Nathanniel Martin http://twitter.com/NateMartin1
Suzanne Moles http://twitter.com/wattleweb
Premo Mondone http://twitter.com/RedStateTwnHall
Gerald Nielsen http://twitter.com/CVFairtax
John Wesley Nobles http://twitter.com/jwnobles1
Robert Parker http://twitter.com/robrrt
William Payne http://twitter.com/billepayne
Daniel Phillips http://twitter.com/Godmyjudge
Jenn Pointer (Jenn Sierra) http://twitter.com/JenniferPointer 
Dan Pressler http://twitter.com/meetdan
Joshua Price http://twitter.com/Joshuabradenp
Joshua Price (2) http://twitter.com/Fairtweets
Charlie Profit http://twitter.com/CharlieProfit
Dusty Rhodes http://twitter.com/MajRhodes
Marilyn Rickerthttp://twitter.com/midwestfairtax
Bill Rollyson http://twitter.com/wvquest
Ed Sarlls, III http://twitter.com/esarlls3
Jennifer Schmidt http://twitter.com/SpectralJenn
Aaron Schutte http://twitter.com/AaronJSchutte
Dave Sibole http://twitter.com/davesib
Dr. Bill Smith (OzarkGuru) http://twitter.com/arra
Ben Snell http://twitter.com/bensnell
Steve Spinks http://twitter.com/amishsteve
John Steinberger http://twitter.com/FairTaxJohn
Bud Stilwell http://twitter.com/fl87winger
Michael Tacke http://twitter.com/michaeltacke
Ron Teidel http://twitter.com/im2byteme
Jim Tomasik https://twitter.com/#!/TPolicy_com
Dr. Stephen Uhl http://twitter.com/@stevuhls
Tom Utley http://twitter.com/uttles
Frank Vassell http://twitter.com/Write_frank
Art Villa http://twitter.com/ArtVilla
Keith VonHall http://twitter.com/hobby0001
Ashley Walkup http://twitter.com/Beauty4Moms
Michael D. Warlick http://twitter.com/GaPaPaMike
Krystle Weeks http://twitter.com/LadyKrystle
Clay Welsh (Florida Skeptic) http://twitter.com/ClayWelsh
Bob Whigham http://twitter.com/HARDAV
Khori Whittaker http://twitter.com/KhoriWhittaker
Robert Williams http://twitter.com/TXFairTaxer
Paul Wizikowski http://twitter.com/wizikowski private acct
Larry Wyatt http://twitter.com/lewyatt

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