Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25


Well 2012 is 28 days away and here it the place we can inform each other to the different races in our districts.  WHO is Running in WHAT District and are they FOR, AGAINST, "Present" regarding the FairTax bill?

FairTax cannot endorse a candidate, but we can certainly inform others and take actions as individuals!!!


Here are some taking action points:

  • Educate, Educate, Educate
  • Talk about the FairTax, Talk about the FairTax, Talk about the FairTax to EVERYONE
  • Make a list of everyone you know & know if they are or ARE NOT aware of the FairTax
  • Hand out FairTax Business cards (if you would like some let me know) or you can order your own on www.VistaPrint.com
  • Bumper sticker on car, window of house, etc.
  • Get a FairTax T-Shirt, Car Flag
  • Sign up on FairTax.org
  • "LIKE" on FaceBook
  • Create a FairTax Signature on your emails
  • Buy & Read "The FairTax Book"
  • Include the FairTax on your voice mail message
  • Volunteer to help working a booth
  • Volunteer to host a meeting
  • Volunteer to be a Community Coordinator (currently the entire state has less than a dozen)
  • Volunteer to be a District Director (2/9)
  • Be a $5 for FairTax donor.  (monthly or 1x) www.FiveforFairTax.org
  • Speak at meetings
  • Create videos for YouTube & here on FTN
  • Corner Sign Waving
  • Buy and play the FairTax Game
  • Display a placard in your house window
  • If you own a business display a FT Placard/sign or have FT business cards on your counter
  • Group of FTer's walking the neighborhoods with literature drops.
  • Letters to the editor

With the elections around the corner AND tax day NOW is the time to create a plan by yourself or with a few others to make this happen!

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