Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

UPDATED FairTax in ALL County Platforms regardless of party YOU MUST ATTEND THE CAUCUS!!

When you attend your caucus make sure you have this wording in hand.

STEP ONE: The Caucus

Once in the caucus you will be handed papers, one set of papers should be the county platform.

Take the platform for example this is mine



Find the TAXATION section in the platform

CROSS OUT that section and in the margin write the following OR

you could take a strip of paper w/the wording and glue stick and glue it OVER the Taxation section.  Replacement wording:

That the Government of the United States of America amend the U.S.Constitution by repealing the sixteenth amendment, abolish the Internal Revenue Service and adopt a federal consumption tax (herein called The FairTax) on all new goods & services as the sole financial support  of the U.S.Government thereby eliminating Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax, all Death Taxes, self-employment taxes, alternative minimum tax, gift taxes, capital gains taxes, and tax audits as set forth in HR 25-The FairTax Act-and its companion bill in the U.S. Senate. 


Upon making those changes make sure you make your PCO aware that you made changes to the platform and your copy of the platform needs to go to the platform committee.


Current Benton County Taxation Section of Platform:

We support Washington's continued rejection of personal income tax.  We believe no government should place a tax on an estate or an inheritance. We support the repeal of a graduated income tax which is penalty on successful enterprise.


We suport the Wathington State voter approved 2/3 majority requirement to raise state taxes becoming a Washington State Constitution Amendment.

It is at the conventions that the "making a motion takes place if our FairTax Wording does NOT get into the platform.

STEP TWO: County Convention

STEP THREE: State Convention

STEP FOUR: National Convention

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I second that "e-motion". ;-).


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