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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25



IN LIGHT OF THIS REALITY WE need #1 get to our caucuses & PCOs and make sure the FairTax is given a voice there.


# 2 Give the FairTax a voice in all the first primary states!

IA being the first and we have an EXCELLENT opportunity to give the FairTax a voice on the TeaParty bus that will be traveling to 20 cities in IA BEFORE the Straw Poll. 

I just got word that 3 possible presidential candidates went to SC and are NOT supporting the FairTax:  Santorum, Gingrich, Barbour...

When ANY candidate at STATE or FEDERAL level does NOT endorse the FairTax it is VERY easy for me to know who NOT to vote for! FairTax is a power to WE the PEOPLE bill and needs to be the forefront of a candidate's platform regardless of party, regardless of state or federal!!!



Let me know what you think about making sure the FAIRTAX makes it onto the bus in IA...we can donate here on FTN.  If you donated please share "Giving FairTax a Voice in IA"...DO NOT state an amount! NOTE THE COST iS $10,000 w/a $5,000 dep ASAP. 

Note the state like sooooo many in the US are not educated about the FairTax and boots on the ground is the BEST form of advertising and that is exactly what this will do!

Goooo FairTax!  IT IS TIME...are you with me?  Shoot if every member here would donate $2 we'd not only have enough for the deposit we'd have the entire amount!


Thanks for considering this as a possible option to have an effect on the Presidential Primaries!


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Santorum, Gnigrich, and Barbour are all on the bottom of my list anyway.  The can not beat Obama.  My first choice right now is Herman Cain.  I will find out if he is for or against the fair tax.
Cain is a big FairTax supporter.
Thanks John for answering that question for me.  I had emailed Herman asking him that question and had not heard back from him.  Just confirms my support for him.  He also takes away the Obama race card.  We all know that is coming because he will do anything to win.
Thank you John!  I think having a LOUD voice for the FairTax at all the first 12 primary states will be HUGE and weed those "politicians out"!!!  The MORE candidates we have for the FairTax the MORE educated Americans will get because all of us will pick one person in the beginning and how telling that the most liked are those LOUDLY endorsing/promoting/educating about the FairTax on every stop of their campaign!
Herman Cain got a standing ovation at CPAC in Feb.  He used to work for Americans for Fair Taxation in Houston & LOUDLY promotes the FairTax on his radio talk show or when he sits in for Neal Boortz.  Please remember thanks to the "muzzle" of the IRS "FairTax" cannot endorse candidates, but the candidates can endorse the FairTax!  If you have a "FairTax hat of leadership" you cannot "endorse" a candidate, but as an "individual" not hosting a FairTax event...you can.


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