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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 18

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The FairTax Equals Real Economic Recovery

Imagine replacing over 70,000 pages of purposely complex tax code, with a simple fair code that just barely breaks 130 pages in length. It's far more possible than you might think.

The FairTax replaces multiple forms of federal taxation with a simple 23% inclusive tax at the point of retail sale on new goods and services. This landmark legislation eliminates income taxes and payroll taxes [In other words: You'll get your entire paycheck]. It removes the regressive AMT tax, that's… Continue

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Embedded Taxes, this concept is key!

FairTax~ the concept of embedded taxes is very important to understanding the fairtax. This is where we lose lots of people, so let's see if a simple explanation can win them back.

It's very simple if a toaster costs $100 before the fairtax it will costs $100 after the fairtax is implemented. Currently their is a 22% embedded fed tax on everything you purchase. Consisting of taxes on materials, tax burden of employees that make the products and Corporate taxes paid out by the… Continue

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FairTax, How it can Empower You?

FairTax is a revolutionary change in the relationship between government and its citizenry! Currently American citizens are represented by congress, but not before our amazing elected representatives take care of the K-Street lobbyists.

Lobbyists exists for one reason, to represent their companies or individual concerns and try and take advantage of available tax loopholes. In all honesty, who can blame companies for sending lobbyists to DC to try and protect as much of their capital… Continue

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How Easy is it to Fix this Economy?

How easy is it to fix this economy? I would suggest that it's simple but the answer is not a freindly one in the eyes of the entrenched beaurocrats.

1st step, eliminate all Corp taxes. Understand businesses don't pay taxes, they are merely collectors for the state. A tax levied on a business will show up as a tax to the consumer in the form of higher priced goods. Elimination of these taxes would drive down the real costs of all purchased goods and services.

Eliminate all… Continue

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