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Ive been following the recent ACORN scandal where two journalists posed as a pimp and prostitute and went into an ACORN office in Baltimore trying to get tax information on a fake buisness, etc.. Now as most of us are well aware, ACORN has not gone unnoticed of their fishy and criminal behavior in the recent past, so i was not greatly surprised at what i saw and heard. The issue that has been bothering me is that the different people in the media who have been covering this, not one has mentioned the fact that people can actually present and get away with situations like this under our current tax code!!! I really believe the fact that people can just lie and manipulate the tax code so easily should be almost as big of a story!! But for some reason "Hannity" and others are just blinded into trying to nail Obama to this, (wich i think is very relavent) but they lose site of (in my opinion) as big of an issue. I think we as Fairtaxers can really use this to our advantage by pointing out this situation!! Please spread the word!!! Let me know what you think?
Mark G Surprise, AZ

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Comment by chiefcook on September 12, 2009 at 11:11am
New word is ACORN will not be participating in the 2010 census gathering data.

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