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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I think the show went well, and I would love to hear your suggestions for what we might do better next time! And I do believe there will be a next time, and more.

The post show comments were pretty positive. Here is my comment back to them this morning:
Thanks to all who listened and to all who commented. I was very grateful for the opportunity that was offered by John, George, and Jose.

"I purposely tried to avoid partisan rhetoric because I understand the need for unity here. I like you, wish that Fairtax could be discussed like yesterday in a nonpartisan way. It IS a nonpartisan issue; it IS an issue that affects every American, young, old, rich and poor! It IS the only way we will save the American way of life, IMHO.

This is not a Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Green Party plank. It's about TRUE reform, not just a bandaid until the body heals itself. It's strenghtening the body for future wounds!

For you who now embrace it, please join with fellow Americans on FairtaxNation.com, and be sure to join your local CENTRAL FLORIDA GROUP while you're there. We'll keep you informed.

For those who are not yet convinced, please visit Fairtax.org or FairtaxNation.com and read more, especially the FAIRTAX BASICS on Fairtax.org and try out the FAIRTAX CALCULATOR there and see for yourself how it will benefit everyone.

For EVERYONE: Please sign the Petition at either site! We need you to be counted. The politicians will only listen to NUMBERS because numbers = votes.

I would be happy to visit with any of you or your group in the future to answer more questions! See me on FairtaxNation.com at the Central Florida group page.

Have a FAIR day, and God bless!"

If you would like to listen to the podcast and/or make a comment, please go to http://www.peoplepowerhour.com/show_archive.aspx

And THANKS again to all who supported me yesterday!! It was a team effort for sure! John, Larry, Walt, Vicky and Skip, your questions and comments were great!

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