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As some of our constituents knows I made a last minute decision to go to Washington for 9-11 and the 9-12 March. Let me start on 9-11 and the events that happened. As I write this blog I want to include what was discussed in a two hour closed door meeting in a Congressional Office. I want you to know that all Legislators where "out of town".

9-11 Patriots of FairTax Day in Washington

We had rode all night on a charter bus to Washington from north Georgia, arriving near Alexander, Virgina and of course hungry. Most of us did not get a very good nights sleep. We stopped for a hardy breakfast only to have to wait two hours to be served. This bit of information is important - because this and the traffic of rush hour put us behind. We had to cancel our Pentagon Event. Well not all was lost as I believed since President Obama was there at the Pentagon Ceremony, we may have had to change our agenda in any account. We gathered on that cold yes cold rainy day to make our plans to protest in front of the IRS building. The funny thing is that as President Obama left town to Minnesota for a Union Workers meeting and we stood in protest of the IRS in front of their building it stopped raining. Humm, make of this of what you want! After our speakers spoke at that protest I talked to one of the 6 officers who was guarding in IRS entrance. He was very nice and was the most interested in our FairTax. I explained to him what FairTax was in brief and gave one of my business cards asking him to go and look up the material about FairTax. We marched on to the Congressional Buildings, along the way receiving many horn blowing patriots passing by.
Skipping lunch and getting my group, one of three groups, we got organized. In my group was Kelly Fredrick who's husband is the Alabama State Director, Jim Tomasik, of FairTax Nation, and other Constituents. I must admit I was a little confused as I entered the Congressional Building and also making our "plan of attack" of who was going to be the first Congressional office we would visit. I suggested that we start up on the 4th floor with my Congressman Sanford Bishop's office. We entered his office and were told that Mr. Bishop was "Back home with his constituents." I want you to remember that statement. We left and made our rounds to each Congress Leader's office only to be met by their Aides. We gave a brief statement and left 4 page letters with a "pocket" card and my business cards with each. We also left some with a FairTax Traveling Mug.
I also received a rebuttal letter, that was dated for 9-11, and this Congressman was "gone" , he did not want to face any of his constituents about FairTax. Who is this Congressman? Congressman Jim Marshall (D) Claims to be a Blue Dog Democrat from the 8th District of Georgia. Is this how we treat your constituents,Congressman?
By the way, Back to Congressman Sanford Bishop (D) claiming also to be Blue Dog Democrat of Georgia District 2, was NOT home with his constituents in Ga as told, he was in North Carolina. Yes I believe either someone lied, or did not want to face his constituents and make a wrong turn on his way to be "home with his constituents".
Then we entered one of the last Congressional Office of Spencer Bachus 6th District Alabama. We met with Philip Swartzfager, Legislative Counsel and Micheal Staley Chief of Staff. These gentleman asked if we would like to sit down in the Congress Chamber and discuss some of the issues. These gentleman were very knowledgeable and yes told us what we need to do to help FairTax move forward. It was said in that meeting that "FairTax is one of the most important American Issues that would help turn this country back around". Stop and think about it. This is very true because we all know what FairTax is about with the jobs returning, the economic results of growth not dispear, government revenue over time would increase without hurting our pockets and how people would benefit from implementing FairTax. Another issue that was discussed that would help FairTax is we need to be present, as if we were lobbyist. Yes there is that word we all love to hate,(Lobbyist), but this is how Washington plays the political game. Folks it is all about how to play the game in Washington this is how things get done. If we want something done we have to be present. This leads to the second issue it takes money.
We also discussed the HR-3200 Obama Healthcare bill. By the Way there are 14 more pages added to that Healthcare Bill...go figure right? There were other many great questions and discussions in this two hour meeting. This "meeting" give me a good idea what we need to do to get FairTax that is stalled, moving again in Washington. All we have to do is convince Houston and other FairTax Leaders what needs to be done. I got back to our motel about 6 pm, very tried and with much needed to rest for the next day...9-12... D, Day in Washington with about 2 million brave American souls from all parties and all corners of this great land of ours. It would have been a huge mistake if FairTax people did not show up! More should have been there, I am proud to say I am glad I did go and show support for FairTax.

9-12 "D" Day in Washington, The March

I woke up to some very sore legs and could barely walk. I loaded my back pack with about 1200 "pocket" cards, some I got from Mike Warlick and some older cards I had. Armed with these cards, I set out across Washington to the Federal Triangle. I went to "work on the crowd". I talked about FairTax Bill on both House Floors, with 50 co-sponsors. I explained that we will need about 200 co-sponsors to get this FairTax bill past House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We need all supporters of the FairTax to write, call, email or contact their Representatives in both Houses to help get this F/T Bill with the necessary co-sponsors or we need to change who represents us in Washington. This was my message all day over and over. I worked hard the crowds, had about 10 people who would not accept FairTax, and one who called me a "racist". A "racist" hey I know I am doing some good now! LOL! As the " 9-12 March" moved to Capitol Hill I worked along the sidewalks. I did get stopped once by security but another was watching me, told the one who stopped me it was OK that I was passing out material. If anyone knows me I turned to that security and asked if they like a card to learn more about FairTax. Well they could not accept from me but I let them know where they could read and learn about FairTax. I feel every person we can reach out to is one more supporter we gain. I told many constituents with me I did not "March" but I was in the "march" to spread the word about the FairTax Bill sitting on both Floors and what it will take to help get the necessary co-sponsors.
After the March, we loaded the buses for home. We were leaving to 5 pm and many were telling us there were still people coming to this "march".

In Conclusion here is what was discussed on the bus home....

1- Fairtax needs to advertise about the FairTax Bill on both floors and how many co-sponsors we need, get these constituents across this country to get their representative behind this F/T Bill, co-sponsor, or get vote home, so someone else will get behind the F/T Bill

2-We need to go to Washington to Lobby for FairTax, remember this time we have the bill on both floors, sorry to say we must "lobby", this is Washington way of doing business. If Houston will not do it, we as constituents may have to volunteer to go to Washington at least twice a year minimum, but 3 or 4 times a year. We have to let these representatives "see" us. I always said we have a "Beltway Wall" around Washington, that once our Representative get inside, they are bombarded by other lobbyists, forgetting who the constituents are at home. I got that confirmed in the 2 hour meeting at Congress Bachus' office. If we were to "lobby" in Washington we would pick up other supporters and volunteers and these people would be willing to support us with the necessary funding to continue the fight. If we don't, others look at us like we are a "dead" cause with good idea but doing nothing about changes.

3-We must get involved with other National Organizations such as National Taxpayers Union, FreedomWorks, Ect even if we believe they support some other Taxation. These groups can be of important to us. I found most volunteers and constituents of theirs are behind and support FairTax. We Can NOT face this battle alone. We need to have support of other organizations. This help us grow with numbers and bring the "funding" needed.

FairTaxSOWEGA will be working closer with Donna Driskell's FreedomWorks in our area with monthly meetings. We will work on helping our candidates with any rebuttals against FairTax. We will be going to Washington on April 15th 2010. Please come join us.

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Comment by Charlie Prochaska on September 30, 2009 at 2:55pm
Count me in.... I will be learning more about the actual HR-25 Bill in November ...........
Comment by Jim Tomasik on September 30, 2009 at 2:49pm
Thats what I thought. I would love to have 10,000 FairTax lobbyists show up in April...
Comment by Charlie Prochaska on September 30, 2009 at 1:53pm
Any constituents can become lobbyist, All we are trying to do is influence the Senators and Congressmen to get behind and co-sponsor the F/T. Basely that what we were doing when we went to Washington on the 11th.
Comment by Charlie Prochaska on September 30, 2009 at 1:49pm
A group of persons engaged in trying to influence legislators or other public officials in favor of a specific cause.
Comment by Jim Tomasik on September 30, 2009 at 12:37pm
What exactly do lobbyists do?
Comment by Charlie Prochaska on September 26, 2009 at 12:03pm
Thank You for your commit and sorry it taking me so long to get back with you. I have four events in this area in the next 6 weeks. I have two Town Halls Meeting with campaigners both on state and national level. I also have the biggest Farmers Event of 3 days and one in two days after that big event all to do with the farmers and ranchers. I am getting material printer, coordinated people, getting booths, all the promotions items and so on together. Starting on Tuesday night, I hope we are successful.

This is something we can do to help F/T until the funding come in to support F/T Lobbyist in Washington. As you know we can only lobby for F/T and only commit only on taxation issues. All other issues though we feel our opinions may be of important to us can't become involved in our efforts if we were to lobby for F/T.
Thank you again and we need to talk to Houston to let them know what we need to do to help F/T in this important year of elections. We must become apart and help F/T in all we can to promote it. I hope to see you and others April 15th as we "march" on Taxation Day. I hope we get April 15th made into the "FairTax Day".
Comment by Sean Fagan on September 23, 2009 at 10:01pm

Many years ago, as a young Vietnam veteran attending Penn State University, I had the experience of going to DC to "lobby" Congress for additional funds for the GI Bill. I learned then what you know now.

I have to say that I don't think I've ever seen an explanation of how things work in DC so well put. You have absolutely nailed it my friend!

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