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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I have been an supporter of other tax methods since 1989, that’s when I first herd the flat tax plan. Since then I have learned of many other tax systems for the Federal Government than the Progressi…

I have been an supporter of other tax methods since 1989, that’s when I first herd the flat tax plan. Since then I have learned of many other tax systems for the Federal Government than the Progressive Payroll tax that came into power in 1913. This bloated spending pattern that seems to return more power to those that spend more, has given many greater interest in other funding methods for the Government System the United States uses.

The first thing that any tax system needs is a controlling factor that makes what a federal law maker gets paid in relationship to his waste factor on the US Treasury. So the less a lawmaker debits the account the greater their paycheck.

My next idea came about after January 15th 2010 when as I label it The fool who thinks he is President, killed what I viewed as the saving hope of America's and Humanities future. This program was created by NASA and called the Constellation Program. My brother was an Electrical Engineer for the program at the Lockheed Martian at it's Denver plant.

As I looked back in history, many of the promising paths to be traveled by NASA, would have offered betterment to humanity has been put to death just for political quests of power. To remove this four to eight year path changes creating programs that just waste money investments. A new method of funding for NASA needed to be created.

Since Earth is becoming over taxed by the life it holds, Humanity being the biggest factor in this problem with undirected futures and always changing political goals. In my past I indirectly observed what aided these changes. The biggest contributing element came from watching the Discovery Channel in the 1990's as they covered the evolution of life on Earth. When they arrived at Mammals and brain development, I learned that free space/territories and new areas needed to me concurred or controlled by mammals is needed. If this is missing mammals become claustrophobic and forms of Rabies develops in a mammals persona and destroys the brains normal functions. It makes you wonder if Terrorism arising today may have been caused by a non germ infecting form of rabies.

The best way to prevent this mental illness from destroying Humanity is to have humanity concur space. As some one use to say at the opening of each TV show, Space our Final Frontier, it may not be our final but more like our next frontier.

We have ventured to the Moon some 41 years ago, that venture seems to have been ended by those that wanted to send the funding to Africa instead. Then came the Oil Shortage in the middle 1970's. What in reality this problem seemed to have created is an indirect way of funneling our wealth to these backward Countries via the purchase of Gas and Oil.

Then in the last quarter of the 20th Century the productive energy of America has been funneled off the shores of America by Government regulations and lawsuits using legal judgments. As a result this has weakened the power of America's Capitalism. The result of these harming methods has almost killed or collapsed America's future and America's indirect aid to the betterment of life for Humanity on Earth.

The best and easiest way to return America's powers it had gained after World War Two is to return America's manufacturing goals that gave America it's power. With the cause of our wreaking of power within America gone the best place to return our manufacturing powers is to create it in space. The Constellation Program of NASA was a path to return to America powers it has lost, or has been forced into others hands via legal judgments that have harmed America's future.

The best way I can think of to remove the Destructive powers of Politics is to remove Government funding from the Space Program. This can be achieved by making any thing Space a non taxable item. That's any costs or investments and any profits or returns of investments a non taxable item.

This will give America a purpose for the next few Centuries, as the America will help give Humanity a future and Destiny in Space. That is until we discover we are not just the only life form in this Space/Time Continuum out there. But other forms of life have developed from their own origins, and that is life form is of equal abilities as what Humanity has achieved.

I may be biased towards Space by the fact that my first birthday in life was the day of the speech by JFK on our destiny is the Moon before the 1960's decade ends. Our future needs a less destructive and social controlling tax system needs to be created. In other terms it needs to be made more efficient. Which is what I labeled the Global Warming scare/hoax in 1993 as it was forming. The Earth may have seemed at that time, but it was not by direct human cause it was more likely to be effected by the inefficient use of Energy and methods of conversion from one form to another.

Hopefully this hoax has become history, now lets remove another funding hoax, the Progressive Payroll tax and replace it with a far better fair tax system.

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