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Congressional Candidate Dr. Dan Eichenbaum secures iCaucus Endorsement


IC Endorses Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

Asheville, NC (December 20, 2011) — With an approval rating of 95%, Dr. Dan Eichenbaum  recently became the first and only congressional candidate for North Carolina’s District 11 to be endorsed by national citizen-led vetting organization Independent Caucus.  The ICaucus process required Eichenbaum to submit his candidacy to the independent vetting process that includes a background check, completion of a related questionnaire, and recorded interview.  This information was then made available to IC affiliate groups consisting of five grassroots organizations in the district for review, discussion and vote.

Eichenbaum said, “We have an incumbency problem in Washington with little recourse to hold our elected officials accountable.  The IC process is a tool for my constituents to hold me, personally, accountable to them for my voting record.  IC is an excellent organization and I am honored to join past IC endorsed candidates across the county such as Senator Mike Lee (UT), Rep Justin Amash (MI), Rep Jason Chaffetz (UT), and NC State Senator Jim Davis.”

Eichenbaum advocates limited government, self-determination, free-market economy, balanced budgets,life and the right to keep and bear arms.  He believes that the desire for long tenure in elected office is the root cause of irrational legislative outcomes based on special interests and political expediency.   Eichenbaum self-limited his term in office by signing a financial, legally binding contract with the Alliance for Bonded Term Limits.

Eichenbaum graduated from the Yale School of Medicine, Cum Laude, served as a commissioned Naval officer during the Vietnam era, and has been a practicing physician and successful small business owner for 35 years.  He and his wife Rhonda live outside Murphy on a small horse farm.

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