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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Well, they are ignoring the obvious solution to all our problems again.  Send your comments to:

WMTaxReform@mail.house.gov.  Here's mine:


What is with you people? The answer is right under your noses. The only things that matter are jobs and the economy. Period. The FairTax is the best solution for fixing those problems. Yeah, I know, the FairTax is not what your lobbyists want and it won’t allow you to punish your enemies and reward your friends and confiscate people’s property, but it is the best thing for the people. And eventually, the people always win. I would not want to take a position against the FairTax. It is indefensible.


Here's the site where they describe their insanity in detail:


Go get 'em!


Steve Bang

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