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Dark Horse Candidate Dividing FairTax Advocates

Some are saying Herman Cain is "disingenuous".  Are upset at his 9-9-9- idea.  Maybe rightly so but. . .
I know exactly how you Feel.  We have busted it trying to maintain a pure effort for the FairTax, "as written".  But if you look at the choices we have in this field of candidates including potentially and worse yet, Chris Christie, another "establishment" player, who offers the best shot at getting the FairTax passed?
I have been around Herman Cain on multiple occasions.  Heard him on our local radio programming many times.  I am now convinced he is not disingenuous.  And I am not speaking for or against Mr. Cain, just reporting his position as I understand it.  For years he has Advocated (as opposed to just supported) the FairTax.  He still Advocates the FairTax.  In his mind though, and we cannot diminish his success in turning losing businesses (causes) around, he as well as us realize that the FairTax is not yet getting the support around the nation as it may in pockets like Florida and the other locations where most of us on this forum come from.
At this time in our mission, Herman is still the best choice we have and that showed here in Orlando last week at the Republican Party of Florida Presidency 5 convention, delegates, who coming into the event were not for Herman, after hearing, meeting, talking with him he took more votes than both Perry and Romney combined.  He can do this across the country if groups like ours don't break ourselves apart.
Politics is a dirty game and Politics and war make for strange bed-fellows.  We (FairTax Advocates) are at war with the status quo.  Herman Cain, I believe will bring home the FairTax. 
Get his book, in fact everyone needs to buy his book to educate yourself about the man. Pre order it now at www.porku.org for only $15.66.  Get one for a gift to a friend too.  
Get out and put more time into promoting the FairTax and less time preaching and arguing with the choir here.  There are thousands of places in the U.S. with no FairTax groups.  Here in Orlando we have a database of 9200 supporters and still not enough to change the election results in one congressional district.  At the event last week where the elite members of the Florida Republican Party attended, half of them had no idea what the Fairtax was about.  They only heard the words, FairTax.  We increased our FairTax supporter base by 5% with the booths we had at these events RPOF and CPAC FL.  We, the leaders have more to do and need to step up just a little more. 
With respect and dedication,
Larry Walters, AFFT / FFTEA Volunteer                         
District Director, Greater Orlando FL Area 
A simple, without loopholes way to fund the Federal Government.  Knowledge is Power.  www.fairtax.org is where you can learn how Americans will benefit and how you can help.  All you can lose is your paycheck deductions.
Larry Walters, AFFT / FFTEA Volunteer
District Director, Greater Orlando FL Area
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