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Dissolving Fears prior to success of Fair Tax

Hello Free Americans,

Fear of Change is the greatest obstacle in building support for Fair Tax. As a Christian Believer, I am well aware of the stygma of future expectations of the Christian Church. Mainline church philosophy EXPECTS the Anti-Christ to come shortly, along with the beastly number of 666. With that philosophy, they expect the financial system of the 666 super market code to implement a tax on everything they buy and sell.

This philosophy of the Christian Church is ONLY TRUE at the end of time. What the church does not see, is that there will be several CYCLES of time prior to the end of time. This is proven in Scripture, but is presently concealed from most believers.

Therefore, until most Americans can get a grip on the Abrahamic Covenant, they will have a fear that the Anti-christ is just around the corner. This is the biggest stop-dead line of thought against Fair Tax.

The fact that the Income tax only caters to the rich; the fact that 47% of people pay NO TAX, the fact that fear of change allows evil to grow, all mean nothing to a Christian believer who has been indoctrinated with an end of days theology; which brings all change to a halt by their fears.

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