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Fair Tax Nation press release on federal tax reform

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February 26, 2014                                                                                                         (708) 687-9412
FairTax® Leader (Unusually) Praises House, Senate Tax Committee Chairmen
Fair Tax Nation, the grassroots organization advocating a national retail consumption tax to replace the income tax, today praised Ways and Means Chairman, Rep. Dave Camp and Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Sen. Ron Wyden for, "swimming upstream against destructive gridlock by renewing the push for reform of our badly broken tax system."
Fair Tax Nation founder Marilyn Rickert said, "Yes, we think a far better solution to create a far more prosperous nation is the FairTax rather than merely simplifying the existing income tax code but you have to tip your hat to these men for even calling for any reform when the politics of the day has everyone else satisfied with paralysis."
Rickert said a "scoring" of the Fair Tax was underway at the Joint Committee on Taxation but was delayed because, "no econometric model yet exists in our tax committees to actually measure the beneficial effects of a pure retail consumption tax." She said that past Congressional efforts to analyze the FairTax had unfairly used assumptions not contained in pending legislation that "badly skewed the findings."
Rickert said, "Millions of dollars of independent, peer-reviewed research has shown that the FairTax would dramatically boost the economy, put American companies on a even playing field with foreign competitors' tax systems and reduce the tax burdens of most Americans." She added, "Now, we're anxiously waiting for Congressional committees to verify these promising conclusions on their own."
"But nothing will be done to improve or replace the broken income tax system that everyone agrees is hurting our economy without a bit of courage, a bit of vision and a healthy willingness to move beyond the partisan gridlock that is paralyzing the nation," she said. "In this, we give both of these Congressional leaders our thanks."
Fair Tax Nation is a citizen organization which supports replacement of the income tax with a national retail consumption tax. More information is available at: FairTaxNation.com

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Comment by John Wesley Nobles on February 27, 2014 at 1:24pm

Great interview Marilyn!

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