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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

The new fund raiser at FairTax.org is the Grass Roots Freedom Ride. Through this fundraiser, all groups can form a motorcycle, running, bicycling or whatever fun event with proceeds going to all levels of the FairTax organization. Here's how it works -

Sign up as a chapter - $25/yr membership (funds go half to AFFT, half to GRFR Consortium fund)

Buy what you need for your group at cost at http://www.grassrootsfreedomride.com/chaptercaptainspage Your group keeps any proceeds. If we all join in, prices will continue to go down with bigger reorders.

Plan an event to post on your chapter's page at AFFT - we'll help anyway we can at http://www.grassrootsfreedomride.com/chaptercaptainspage

Collect pledges - (funds go half to AFFT and half to the GRFR Consortium Fund)

Invite the public - your group sets participant fees that stay where you are

This is the only fundraiser at AFFT that funds grass roots efforts
through supplies and the consortium fund. Please join and take advantage of bulk purchasing power. The more that use this program, the better it will become.

Thanks for your support.

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