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I just recently got back from doing a Freedom Ride from Cadott Wi. to Las Vegas Nv. I put on 3822 miles. I met alot of supporters on the way. I signed up 17 people along the way also, and ran out of the Fairtax info sheets that I printed up (200). The biggest area of interest seemed to be in Neb. and Ok. Granted I spent 4 hours at a couple of rest areas in Neb. waiting out some thunderstorms that never hit. Sorry to say that I didn't get any sponsers along the way , but I am partly to blame. Whenever someone would would ask about the Fairtax I would get talking about how great it would be for our country and answer questions. The last thing on my mind was to ask for a pledge. To me the importent thing was to get people on board. Some of the best experiences was that a number of truckers would flash their headlights after I passed them, and if they passed me down the road farther or if I would pass them later after a gas stop they would give me the "thumbs up". I also had a Deputy Sheriff in Ok. roll down his window at a stop light and told me to keep up the good work. The best encounter was with a State Trooper in Ks. I pulled into a rest area and this trooper came up to me and asked about my Fairtax flag. I told him I was a supporter, and he asked if I wanted to abolish the 16th amendment ? I gave him a quick overview of what the Fairtax was, and said yes getting rid of the 16th amendment is part of it. He then asked if he could search my bike, I asked why and he started to laugh and said that according to the Dept. of Homeland Security I may be a terrorist. He said he was signed up with AFFT and had to mess with me. I can't wait till the next ride which will be to Columbia in a few weeks. I hope to meet more people on the road and get the word out. Keep two wheels on the ground Jerry

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Comment by Lance V Nielsen on May 30, 2009 at 11:11am
Another thought. If you want to get J&J's as a stop, we can do that. We can start out at the Coffee Grounds but we don't necessarily have to hand out a card at thay point.

Also, we play volley ball on Thurday nights. I think the other fairtax team plays Wednesdays.
Loopy said that he would need at least 2 weeks to get some signs made up to promote the ride. We should be able to get a date set by Monday. My cell phone number is 559-3163 if you ever want to give me a call.

Thanks again.
Comment by Lance V Nielsen on May 30, 2009 at 10:57am
Wow, it sounds like you had a great trip. Glad to hear in went well and that you had a lot of people ask you about it.

Just to update you. I talked to Eric Nelson and he would love it if we made the Coffee Gounds part of the poker run. I also thought that Moke's should be a stop since he is a huge supporter. That gives us five. I also have never done one of these so I downloaded some info on how to plan a poker run. They recommend having some kind of food offering at the end as an incentive to get people to participate. Brats, burgers, soda...that kind of thing. I will be talking to Eric and Moke's bar (I can't remember his name) to see if one of them would like to provide some sort of BBQ at the end of the run. So here is my thought for the route. Start at the Coffee Grounds, head out to Brackett Bar, from there head up to Old Barn Bar in Jim Falls. That will be the longest drive between stops and I will try to find a fun bunch of roads to get there. From there we go to Loopys' and then end up at Mokes for food and talking with people. I have Monday off and plan on driving the route to see how long it takes to drive between stops and to time the whle trip. I will be stopping at Moke's and the Coffee Grounds to talk with them as well.
Another thing I will do is contact local motorcycle clubs and try to get them on board. I will also get a sign-up sheet out to all the bars so people can get pre-registered. The more people we can get singed up before hand the better, that way we have an idea how many people will be riding. Let me know if you have any ideas or concerns.

Thanks, Lance.

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