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Doug Dash reports from Annaheim, California that the FairTax resolution did not pass at the biennial convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers and that its Executive Council had recommended against the resolution. We of course were not present at the internal deliberations of the Council, but we know there are three firebrands on that board.

The process was skewed in favor of the Executive Council because the Council did not announce its position until the handout of convention materials. Furthermore, its spokesperson had an unlimited amount of time to speak, and the "pro" speakers did not. Finally, there is a tendency of delegates to follow the recommendation of the Executive Council. But it was slightly fairer this time than two years ago, when the resolution was came up unannounced on the last day - as delegates were leaving.

I know Doug spoke very well because I heard his proposed speech ahead of time. Doug got several thousand pieces of FairTax literature into the hands of labor activists. His other speakers stayed on message.

Doug will obtain a transcript of the proceedings. Let us all thank Doug for this initiative and wish him and his wife, Janet, a well-deserved vacation to enjoy what Southern California has to offer. We need to encourage him to propose a FairTax resolution again in two years.

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