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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Looking ahead a little at the coming elections, we can easily see how important our choices are today and this month and moving forward to election day. Each decision must be weighed carefully and then acted upon with purpose and urgency.

Revolutions andviolent upheaval in the Mideast, riots and union protests in most of Europe and "flash mobs" that have been pilaging Great Britain, with some overflow here at home.

The United States is not immune to all of the economic upheaval. Unemployment of over 9 percent, 15% of Americans are enrolled in the food stamp program, property values continue to decline as do home sales. We have seen our 401's shrivel in a volitile market, our debt continues to rise as agreements were made to raise the debt ceiling.

Not just the federal gov't, but states and local gov't is having a tough time dealing with this economy and run away spending and entitlements.

All of these major problems play out in the news in only 30 minutes, but it's broadcast every hour, everyday. The message is, it's out of control, there is nothing to do but hope the gov't fixes things. They don't say it in so many words, but that's the sense of it, yep, Big Brother and our Central Government is here to help.


I believe anyone that wants to make a difference needs to take a stand today. We won't fix all of the problems by ourselves, but if we all stand and decide on a set of issues then all of us can solve some of the problems.

We can start with our own piece of the world, solve problems that begin at home.

  • Stop harmful legislation
  • End the regulatory abuse by federal agencies
  • Reduce the budget and spending
  • Pass the FairTax HR25

These are a few things we can do. You can make these things real by either running for office, becoming a volunteer on a campign, or by making a donation to a candidate.

This is not just theory, not business as usual. We are in a very real and very dangerous crisis that encompasses the world, and for the first time Americans believe we have seen our best days.

I am asking you to stand your ground, stand and fight back because when Americans get involved great and wonderful things happen. And we could sure use some of that now.


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